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  1. 954RR - Power Commander V and rear sets

    For Sale
    I sold my CBR... PC-V $250 to Continental US (pn 16-048) Rearsets - $120 to Continental US You will need to keep your shifter arm at the transmission (or find one). You will need to convert your brake light switch to a pressure switch (or no brake light).
  2. Slip-on vs. Stock- HP/TQ losses and gains

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hello fellow riders! I have an '08 'Blade with a Yosh R-77 carbon slip on. I bought the bike with the Yosh already on it. The bike is obviously rippin fast when you get above 5k rpm, but feels a little "groggy" any lower. Do we think (or know) if a stock exhaust would make a noticeable...
  3. Battery fault???

    Honda CBR 600
    Hi guys I'm new on here as I have just bought my first (2nd hand) '98' CBR 600, it seems that every time I use the headlight while riding the next time I try to use the starter it won't work and I have to bump it. If I never use the light it starts every time but I prefer to ride with the...
  4. bike wont turn on

    so my bike sat for about 3 months and i must have left the key turned on by accident and killed the battery. i got a new battery hooked it up and everything looked fine, pushed the start button and i heard a click and then everything died. the battery wasnt fully charged so i put it on the...
  5. 954RR FPR, Power loss

    Honda FireBlade
    Where can I find a cheap place to buy a fuel pressure regulator from? My bike has no power at all and smells like a gas station. When I open the throttle up it just bogs down and dies. If I open the throttle slowly it responds better but will hesitate and will barely move the bike from a stop...
  6. HELP. 03 F4i lost power after CCT install

    General Discussion
    Hey, love the forum by the way, have used it for good research in the past and decided to join because I now need some help here. Ive been searching for people with similar issues but can't find much if anything relating to me. So, as usual the OEM Auto CCT started rattling on my F4i around 5K...
  7. 99 blade performance

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey, don't know if this is a repost, couldn't find anything so sorry if it is... I just bought my first blade it's a 99 with 10,000kms on it roughly 6,000 miles. It has a full yoshi exhaust and dyno jetted. I would like to add some reliable performance should i change the gearing? what should...
  8. 1999 FireBlade 918cc model

    Honda FireBlade
    I can get more specs for which model my bike is but figured title headline was efficient for the moment. I got as the title says, a 99 Fire Blade 918cc model; shes plenty fast brand new oil change, ( Full Synthetic Oil Change Switch Over ) Brand New Compressed Seal O Ring Chain and Front and...
  9. 1998 CBR 600 F3 won't start!!!?

    Honda CBR 600
    I've got a 1998 CBR 600 F3 with only 10,000 miles and its in great condition. I've ridden it about 300 miles this season and its been running great! Yesterday I rode to the gas station before heading out with no problems. After filling up I turned the key and nothing happened.. no lights, no...