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  1. Articles: Honda FireBlade
    Note: You must have a PCIII USB version to add a quickshifter. It will not work on PCIII or PCIIIr versions. Installation of a Dynojet Quickshifter (4-102) on a CBR929/954. You will also need shift rod A (part#3210460) from Dynojet. You must have the CD that comes with the quickshifter to...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    I took my 954 out today for the first time after installing a Dynojet Quickshifter. All I can say is if you have a PCIII USB and don't have a quickshifter get one. That thing is amazing. I never dreamed my bike could shift so smooth at redline. I was a little worried about going from 1st-2nd at...
1-3 of 3 Results