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  1. General Discussion
    A special shout out and thank you to RC45 for flashing the ecu and making the Honda run like a Honda should
  2. Wanted
    Does anyone have any track fairings they want to get rid of? I don't care about color or condition, i'll fix and paint anyway. It's for a 02-03 954rr
  3. General Discussion
    I have a co-worker who is adamant that a 2012 ZX-14R with a full muzzy exhaust (so around 210hp at the crank?) is a faster bike than an 1199 Panigale that has a full exhaust, tune, etc that has been dyno'd at 228hp at the crank and 208 at the wheel. Someone explain to me my co-worker's...
  4. Honda CBR 600
    i like to introduce myself.. Im honda fan from turkey and wanted to share my opinions videos and 3rd part accesories.. i sold my 600rr but now i have 1000rr. we modify super cars like ferrari lambo porshce etc. so we have a lot of 1000 hp + cars and sometimes im rolling with them and posted to...
  5. For Sale
    Hi Bought this tyre at a race meeting a few years ago to fit my Honda Fireblade. It has been kept in a heated garage and should be good for road use. The bike has not been used for years, hence the sale. It is a race tyre & so will offer more than enough of grip for the road. It may be ok for a...
  6. 2000 sp1

1-7 of 7 Results