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  1. 2006 CB919

    Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Hi I just bought a CB919 for a really good price, $2000. It has 15K on it and the motor runs strong. I need to put a fork seal in it and it has one other noise I would like some input on, as I am not a mechanic. So the bike sounds great when revving it. No misses, no knock or anything like that...
  2. Rattling can on 929

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi All I noticed a slight rattle when on the overrun at low speed for example when approaching a junction. I thought it was the chain side plates rattling against the chain runner on their way to the front sprockets but noticed today that with the clutch pulled, the rattle disappears. Further...
  3. RR-V '97 - Rattle when going over a bump??

    Honda FireBlade
    I seem to have a really annoying rattle when going over a bump and I can't work out where it's coming from. It sounds like it is front end or even under the tank. I thought it might be the front pads moving but the springs holding them in seem ok so don't think it's that. It sounds really...
  4. 2001 929 hearing a rattling noise

    General Discussion
    hey whats up brothers.. i just recently bought my 2001 929 love it has so much power..but i just did some routine maintenance and now im hearing a rattling noise,...i got the chain adjusted and lubed, new tires front and back dunlop q2 sportmax(great tires) and did the front i took it...
  5. Rattly 929RR has crack in cylinder 2:(

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all, here goes my first post here. It might get long...:crap: April or so this year I purchased an '01 929 here in South Korea where I live. The problem is the engine has developed a rattle that got worse and worse to my ears. It occurs as the engine is loaded, lightly or more energetically...
  6. 929 engine noise NEED HELP

    Honda FireBlade
    2001 929 erion racing So i need some genius help. I installed the manual CCT like everyone was saying within threads to eliminate that god awful knocking/rattling noise between 3-5k rpm. It does it in neutral, and is barely audible in gear. The CCT did not remove the noise at all and I am...
  7. 2004 Fireblade - Clunkning noise from Transmission

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi Everyone, I was recently riding my Fireblade when the bike developed a clunking noise from the transmission. I would describle as a constant rattle. It happens in neutral, stops completely when the clutch is pulled in and then happens in the other gears, it sounds so bad I cannot ride the...