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  1. CBR954RR Rebuild - Wiring Harness

    Hey there all! I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my 954, and I'm having a bit of trouble with the main wiring harness installation. Mainly the rear tail section harness including the battery area. If anyone has any clear photos of the rear end wiring routing I would greatly appreciate...
  2. 2001 Honda CBR 929RR Rebuilt Video Finally up!

    General Discussion
    Hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!! Hope everyone has a great 2017 too! I have finally put together a video of my bike fully rebuilt and a parts list associated with most of the stuff done to it! Feel free to comment and suggest anything! Also if you would like more info on...
  3. What classic Bike from the 70's-80's should I build?

    General Discussion
    So I'm looking to rebuild another bike once I paint this CBR600rr that I've rebuilt, and sell it. The Bike is for my wife who's 5'4" about 115 lbs. she likes the Honda rebel. I like it as well but I want to surprise her with a classic. What bike should I rebuild? I've been thinking like a Norton...
  4. CBR900rr lower crankcase interchangeable 96-99

    Honda FireBlade
    I am about to buy a replacement engine for my 1996 cbr 900rr. The engine is from a 1999 cbr 900. The problem is that it has a damaged lower crankcase. Going to try repairing it but if its to difficult, the plan B.. using the older lower crankcase!! So the question is: Do any of you know if is...
  5. My 1998 CBR 900RR

    Review My Ride
    Hello my name is Gary im 21 just recently returned home from the army and bikes are my passion, this is the first Fireblade I've ever owned, Im converting it into a Repsol replica. A few things about the bike, Its a 1998 with 30k miles and a rebuilt 1997 Engine with about 5-6k miles, I got the...
  6. Clutch release - cable won't reach after rebuild

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone, If anyone can help with this I'd be much obliged.. I've just completed a rebuild of my 954RR 02 due to a nikasil failure on one barrel. I'm the 2nd owner and I guess the bike was run too hot at some point. I've put iron sleeves in keeping the same bore and once it's running I'll...
  7. Major 929 Rebuild

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, gonna be rebuilding the 929 to restore her former glory....and then some. I'm gonna have it torn apart and gone through with a fine tooth comb replacing the components that need replacing while adding a ton of other goodies. Mods already done are Pair valve mod, flapper mod, PCIIIUSB...
  8. Over staked clutch basket nut. HELP!

    Honda FireBlade
    Does anybody know any tricks to unstaking the 30mm nut that holds your clutch basket? They staked it so far into the key i had to take a rotary tool and tried to grind it out with no luck, it just seems to keep pushing metal farther in. On a different note, anyone have a clutch basket for a 98...
  9. Should I buy a wrecked CBR600rr project bike?

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey everyone! I'm looking at buying a crashed 2006 Cbr600rr and restoring it back to excellent condition! I've been doing a lot of thinking and research trying to decide whether or not I would want to get involved in something like that. I am fairly confident in my skills to restore its...
  10. Splitting an engine (CBR 929RR)

    General Discussion
    Okay, so I know it's a mission and a half but I feel I need to split one of my motors. I got the bike as a non runner, it's got electrical issues but apparently the motor has been completely reconned within the last two thousand K's ... Now here's the thing, whoever worked the motor over has...
  11. Idle air screw and carb cleaning.

    Honda CBR 600
    So i just bought a brand spankin new gasket kit for my carbs. I plan on rebuilding them this weekend. I was looking at the idle air screw and was wondering how they come out and at what setting do you put them back in. These carbs are off a 1994 CBR600 F2. Any ideas?