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  1. 929 regulator on a 900cbr

    Honda FireBlade
    I got a 93 cbr 900rr and before I bought it looks like theyswapped the stock regulator to one from a 929. 900regulator runs 5 wires (3 yellow 1 red 1 green) And the 929 runs 7 wires (3 yellow 2 red 2 green) the 900 reg won't match the 7 wires coming from the .aim wiring harness. I have a 929...
  2. CBR600F2 - Fried Reg/Rec Connector

    General Discussion
    A few days ago I was out riding and my bike died while sitting at a light. All my lights were dim and I couldn't start the engine. After getting it back home and reading multiple forum posts and troubleshooting guides I have found that my Reg/Rec has been fried (Images Below). As a result of...
  3. 99 fireblade regulator problems

    General Discussion
    Over the winter I had noticed that one of my wires on my regulator was burnt. So i decided to replace it. After i replaced it I took it around the block then it spit and sputtered and then died. I emailed the company back and they sent me a new regulator. It lasted about a month and within that...
  4. Wanted : CBR929rr Alternator Parts

    For Sale
    Looking to buy a stator, and Rectifier/Regulator or find a good online site for them. Thanks!
  5. Rectifier and oil problems

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi everyone I have a 1989 CBR400 K model and seem to have an on going electrical problem with my bike,the story goes like this: I had (what I think to be an original) rectifier on my bike and eventually it popped to the extent that my plug connecting to it had to be cut off as it melted,then I...
  6. Honda CBR 900rr. Regulator Problem HELP

    Honda FireBlade
    :crying:I have a 94 cbr 900rr..It has a dynojet kit and yoshi headers and pipe..Last fall I was riding it and shut it off to get gas...Went to leave and it wouldn't fire..Turns over but no spark..I noticed where my harness plugs into the regulator was fried..So I purchased a new one and had to...
  7. Reg/rec issues? or stator...

    Honda FireBlade
    The other day, the bike started to cough violently when I opened the throttle fully at low revs, took it home, battery died, wouldn't start again. Charged battery, same thing happened. Checked reg/rec, had blown up. Took much bigger 7 wire reg/rec from SV650 (although it was a Honda model)...