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  1. Honda CBR 600
    I have installed a HID kit in my 01 F4i (please don't go off with your opinions on HIDs, can't see well at night and dont care if cagers are blinded briefly). So before I installed my HIDs my headlights would dim at low RPM and get brighter at higher RPMs. After installation this issue has been...
  2. Honda Cruisers
    can anyone tell me how to check my fuel cutoff relay? i dont thinks its good but before i go order one i want to make sure this is the problem, ive put in a new fuel pump and cant get it to pump, when i check the voltage at the connector i get 11v but as i start the bike the volts drop off
  3. General Discussion
    i had flushed the only key for my bike and broke the ignition trying to spin the switch which was really stupid. well i didn't have a ride for work. i tried hot wiring, everything turned on except the fuel pump. so i bought a new ignition switch on ebay. i recently got the ignition, mounted it...
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys - finally joined after getting so much good information. I am having a bit of a time with switching to LED turn signals ( sorry I am sure somebody probably already asked but I could not find it) I have a 2000 929 and am in the process of switching the turn signals out in favor of...
  5. Honda FireBlade
    Bought an 01 929 a couple weeks ago. It used to be a stunt bike and was in the process of being tore down to swap frames. I picked it up and all the parts with it. After buying a few missing parts i come back to fire it up and plug everything in and it still won't fire. I've been messing with it...
1-5 of 5 Results