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rough idle

  1. What if the CCT was replaced without removing the valve cover?

    Honda FireBlade
    Bit of background... I have a 2000 929, 12K miles, exhaust and intake htev delete including servo delete (so its not that) K&N filters, full Yoshi exhaust, Dobrect EJK fuel injection controller, iridium plugs. Ridden well, sometimes like I stole it. I'm 51 and very mechanically inclined, usually...
  2. 1977 Honda CB750 Hondamatic

    Honda Cruisers
    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I need some opinions! A friend of mine is selling a 77 CB750 Hondamatic for 1500 bucks. It's in fair condition, not bad of shape considering how old it is. I did some of my own research on "Hondamatics" I love old Hondas. Is this a bike worth buying? I think it...