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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Hi, So, my bike has 16k miles on it and has been meticulously been cared for. But a few days ago I noticed that after either accelerating or downshifting, when the RPM are at 4000, I hear a strange noise. Not knocking, grinding, or rattling, but like a muffled metal to metal rubbing. The next...
  2. General Discussion
    When I have my computer plugged in its showing different RPMs than it shows on my tachometer. Not sure which is correct. I would think a computer cant lie, but I mean the tach is whats fixed to the bike so i dunno. I set the idle based off the tach and it seemed fine, but what is correct? Id...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    Hello fellows, I need help with my Honda CBR1000rr 2008. I would really appreciate any advise on this: The injectors of high speed are not working. As a result, whenever I go beyond 8,000 RPM the engine turns off. I have no idea what the issue might be. I have checked on the following...
  4. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi! Newbie here, Swede :) Just bought a CBR 400R Aero-87, NC23 engine. Vacuum carbs. It won't rev over 8-9k. The vacuum throttles sticks vibrating on 50% open. If I lift them manually i get a smooth 14krpm. Cleaned the carbs, checked the diaphragms and all is fine. Suggestions on next step? Fuel...
  5. Honda RC51
    bike starts and idles, take off and rpm s go up and then a blown fuse and rpm s naturally drops i throw helmet then chase helmet pick up phone and call for trailer got any suggestions other than anger management
1-5 of 5 Results