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  1. Electronics
    The guy I bought my 954 from put a aftermarket guage cluster on and I hate it. I want to get a oem one off eBay but before I do that, are they plug and play? I don’t think he removed the speedo sensor from tranny. And not sure how the Rpms work if it’s another sensor or what. Same thing with low...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Hi, So, my bike has 16k miles on it and has been meticulously been cared for. But a few days ago I noticed that after either accelerating or downshifting, when the RPM are at 4000, I hear a strange noise. Not knocking, grinding, or rattling, but like a muffled metal to metal rubbing. The next...
  3. General Discussion
    When I have my computer plugged in its showing different RPMs than it shows on my tachometer. Not sure which is correct. I would think a computer cant lie, but I mean the tach is whats fixed to the bike so i dunno. I set the idle based off the tach and it seemed fine, but what is correct? Id...
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hello fellows, I need help with my Honda CBR1000rr 2008. I would really appreciate any advise on this: The injectors of high speed are not working. As a result, whenever I go beyond 8,000 RPM the engine turns off. I have no idea what the issue might be. I have checked on the following...
  5. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi! Newbie here, Swede :) Just bought a CBR 400R Aero-87, NC23 engine. Vacuum carbs. It won't rev over 8-9k. The vacuum throttles sticks vibrating on 50% open. If I lift them manually i get a smooth 14krpm. Cleaned the carbs, checked the diaphragms and all is fine. Suggestions on next step? Fuel...
  6. Honda RC51
    bike starts and idles, take off and rpm s go up and then a blown fuse and rpm s naturally drops i throw helmet then chase helmet pick up phone and call for trailer got any suggestions other than anger management
1-6 of 6 Results