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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Hi again, I have searched the forum for 2 hours to save clogging it with pointless posts. what should the front and rear sag be? the bike is 1998 hagon rear shock and standard front. Also if anyone has any ideas for hagon set up that would be wonderful. have e mailed them but no reply, called...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Evening, I've done a quick search on the forum to no avail, apologies if this has been asked before. Can anyone tell me what my options are for fitting an aftermarket end can on a 1998 900rr-W without the need to re-jet, please. I've read Micron or possibly Remus is the way to go, but my...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    My bike runs fine in every gear but it cuts out at 6000 rpm I have had new plugs, air filter checked , carbs cleaned and leads checked the bike shop I use thought it was the carbs but after cleaning this week the problem is still there .now they are saying It is going to need a new wiring...
1-3 of 3 Results