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  1. Review My Ride
    Hi all! I got this '96 'Blade (919 SC33) from a friend of a friend who had it sitting under a cover for 15 years. Gave it some TLC and now it's a beast again! Here she is:
  2. Honda FireBlade
    I bought a SC33 project bike almost 2 months ago and been reading a lot of, and now I have a question. I'll save my stupid story for a build post. I'm in the process of streetfighter'ing the SC33, and want to convert it to a single seat (have a spare subframe with plastic, stored...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    hi! I have a simple question I hope some of you can answer, because I'm pretty clueless. What's the deal with bolt-on exhausts for older Blades? I'm looking to replace the exhaust on my 1997 Blade (sc33) & because of the age of my bike & my budget, I'm looking to buy 2nd hand. I've found 2...
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! For reasons that remain a mystery to everyone but me, I'm planning on putting an SC28 or an SC33 swingarm onto my VFR if I can manage it. Unfortunately, there's one minor problem: after days of searching I can't find the swingarm pivot width for either one. Would someone out there...
  5. General Discussion
    Hi Does anybody know of there is differences between a sc33 919 97 cbr engine from Norway and one from USA? I've been looking to buy some parts but the site says that the parts fits models from USA. The parts I'm going to buy are crankshaft bearings and connection rod bearings so it would be...
  6. For Sale
    i got SC33 engine for 97' all engine parts are for sell minus the stator its sold already call or text what you want or need 254 662 8646 thanks bryan CENTRAL TEXAS
  7. For Sale
    Spun #3 rod bearing :mad: everything from motor is for sale i can and will mic out parts if curious on wear on journals crank etc... if interested. Parts are used from a low 40,000 mile motor. good candidate for drag-bike motor or radical street build. i had high hopes and no funding PICS AND...