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  1. Honda FireBlade
    I bought a SC33 project bike almost 2 months ago and been reading a lot of, and now I have a question. I'll save my stupid story for a build post. I'm in the process of streetfighter'ing the SC33, and want to convert it to a single seat (have a spare subframe with plastic, stored...
  2. New Rider Orientation
    Hey gang I have a 929. the front seat bolts on and to get straight to the point I hate it!!!! the seat feels fine but I hate needing to unbolt the darn thing. So I thought I would ask if anybody has successfully hinged thier front seat??? the passenger seat is hinged and I have read that if...
  3. Articles: Honda FireBlade
    Here's another tested mod of mine. Esentially this mod is cutting out the hard stock foam and installing aftermarket foam. I chose medical foam that is like memory foam where it's dense and supportive designed for people who sit in wheel chairs all day. My first attempt didn't utilize the full...
1-3 of 3 Results