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  1. For Sale
    Selling a Corbin seat for CBR929rr Price 100.00 Shipped to lower 48 contact for other shipping options
  2. For Sale
    For sale - comfortable Sargent seat, great condition, hardly any miles. Bought when the blade was my main ride, but now it is a track bike only so have reverted back to standard as the original is narrower and easier to hang off the side with. Great for milage, touring or if you find the...
  3. For Sale
    Converted my 1997 CBR fairing so looking to sell the old ones. The bike was laid down coming out of a parking lot on the right side. I have some other miscellaneous parts from the conversion for sale also. - Headlight Fairing ( Don't know if anyone would want it, but it's broken and free if you...
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hey Guys, I've been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find any information on custom gripper seat covers for my 1998 900RR. The seat I currently have is really slick and unless I'm really gripping the tank I slide back when I punch the throttle. I am looking for the same material that...
  5. Honda FireBlade
    Can anyone tell me what year this seat is from. Bought this off ebay, and they claimed it was off a 2003-954. Called the dealer, and they don't have any photo's of the bottom... all they could tell me is that the 929 and 954 have a different part #. Tried looking it up on MRCYCLES, but it...
  6. Riding Gear / Luggage
    I just completed a 3200mi trip on my '08 1000rr with a stock seat. I made it but I started hurting around 2200 miles and it was hard to find a comfortable spot. I expected this of course but for future rides I'd like an upgrade to the seat. Do any of you have a positive experience with any...
  7. For Sale
    954rr Sargeant Seat $200 OBO (Id like it gone soon, so make an offer) CarbonFX insert Black piping (welts) includes matching rear seat cover/ rear cowl cover (Not previously installed). Seat is in very good condition, with no rips, tears, scuffs, etc: purchased approximately 1 year ago...
  8. For Sale
    I have a nice all black Corbin front seat. This seat cost me $325 I want $150 plus shipping It's firm gel very comfortable and excellent for long rides. You won't be pushed into the tank like the stock seat. One of the best upgrades for your bike. If interested. Call me 954 298 2666 late is...
  9. New Rider Orientation
    Hey gang I have a 929. the front seat bolts on and to get straight to the point I hate it!!!! the seat feels fine but I hate needing to unbolt the darn thing. So I thought I would ask if anybody has successfully hinged thier front seat??? the passenger seat is hinged and I have read that if...
  10. For Sale
    Like new black/yellow pillion for 2001 929RR. The outside is perfect. If its weren't for the slight ding in the pan and rust on the lock, you'd think it was fresh from the factory. Asking $75. I don't have an estimate yet for shipping. If you're interested PM me your zip and I'll get that for...
  11. Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking to get my habds on a secondhand pillion seat pad for my 954 (03 model). I'm based in Ireland - Co Meath to be exact - Just chancing my arm here but if anyone has one for sale in Ireland or the UK please let me know. ;) S!
  12. Wanted
    I need to put a seat on my bike so i can shut this girl up. i'm sure after about 5 minutes ill be able to put my cowl back on.. (i'm even thinking of taking my extension out for that ride so she can stare at the sky the whole time haha) 03 954rr
  13. Honda SuperHawk
    A friend of mine has just bought a VTR 1000 (called a firestorm in GB) and it has a seat cowel over the back seat and he needs to remove it so he can strap his tent and sleeping bag on for a rally this weekend. However when the seat is removed he tells me that its not obvious how to remove it...
  14. For Sale
    Selling a black Corbin seat for $175+Shipping OBO, Its in mint condition with no rips or tears.
  15. Wanted
    Hello 919ers, I'm interested in buying a stock Honda 919 seat. Does anyone have a seat they're willing to let go? Looking for ones in perfect condition. Thanks, and enjoy riding. Bob
  16. Swap Section
    WTT 1 year old Full D&D exhaust and black corbin seat.....!
  17. For Sale
    for sale rr5 pillion seat will fit 04 - 07 bikes im told.... excelent condition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im looking for 40 pound for it:thumb: msg me if interested
1-17 of 17 Results