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  1. 1998 CBR900RRW - Speedo doesn't work in 2nd

    Honda FireBlade
    I knew the speedo was intermittently failing, which I assumed was the worm gear by the front sprocket. This bike actually has a sensor on the back of the engine though, and I've noticed the speedo dies only in second gear. Does anyone know what kind of sensor this is? The 2nd gear failure seems...
  2. RRX speedo sensor

    Honda FireBlade the speedo sensor fits onto the top of the crankcase on the 1999 RRX. if the link above is working you'll see the view into the end of it, looks like a hex shape triple square. Just wondering how it works? I presume it fits onto something hex...
  3. Resituating the Wire Harness

    General Discussion
    Anybody have suggestions as to where I can put the wiring sub-harness, so that it's not dangling over the front wheel? I've removed the front fairing and headlight and replaced it with a Triumph Speed 4 light. So now my bike is naked and I have nowhere to hide the extra wiring... ...I've...
  4. IAT Sensor Replacement -929rr

    Honda FireBlade
    Just want some info on an IAT Replacement. I posted another thread asking what needed to be done and got the answer but I have a new question. From What I understand: The sensor is located at the back of the air box. Lift the fuel tank up. Remove air box lid, remove the velocity stacks and...