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  1. What classic Bike from the 70's-80's should I build?

    General Discussion
    So I'm looking to rebuild another bike once I paint this CBR600rr that I've rebuilt, and sell it. The Bike is for my wife who's 5'4" about 115 lbs. she likes the Honda rebel. I like it as well but I want to surprise her with a classic. What bike should I rebuild? I've been thinking like a Norton...
  2. 98 Fireblade wheels

    General Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone knows if the pressure for the front wheel changed when I moved from the 16" to the 17"?
  3. Fireblade '97 CBR900RRV Repsol fairing

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, Does anyone know of or has anyone ever fitted an aftermarket fairing kit to their blade? I've seen some on Ebay.. Full Repsol kit for around the £200 mark. The only problem is that they're from China and there's been some feedback thet they dont have a perfect fit.
  4. sexy1


    whats up boys & girls this is a pic. of my baby sexy1.