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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys/girls, my CBR929 is playing games with me. I had a flat battery a few days ago and after charging problems with several Hondas I assumed the worst. I replaced the stator on my CBF1000 and the reg-rec on my VFR750 so I suspected either/both of these to be at fault. I've read every...
  2. New Rider Orientation
    Okay so I'm 15, only 5' 6", and a girl and I just passed my permit test for my motorcycle. I've been driving my brother's 1993 Gl650 motorcycle, but it's a little bit to tall for me( the seat height is around 30-31 inches) and too heavy( weighing at about 550 pounds). I know a kawasaki ninja 250...
  3. Introductions
    Hello newbie here.. From Sacramento California. I own a 2001 CBR929RR. My second bike, had a 05 cbr600 before this. Loveeee the bike.
  4. Honda RC51
    I left the ignition turned on and the lights drained the battery. I jumped it and it started fine, BUT only once. Now it keeps blowing the second fuse in the box (Ignition) when I ride it. What did I cook?! I dread electrical trouble shooting, but I'm a little handy. Hoping this sort of common
  5. Honda FireBlade
    I was recently redoing the undertail wiring on my '01 929 since the previous owner installed an integrated undertail unit and it looked like a jungle of wires. When I was testing some wires I accidentally touched 2 of the brake light or turn signal lights to the exhaust pipe. I heard a small pop...
  6. Articles: Honda FireBlade
    So those of us with old bikes with long ass cans know they are out of date. So I took 20 minutes, got out the saw zal and cut 12cm off my pipe (the front) and now I think it looks MUCH better. I got to clean off the glue from where the name plate was glued and rivited on... I had to move it...
  7. New Rider Orientation
    Hi guys and girls! I joined the forum to try and get information on the babyblade before purchase! I'm a very tall 5'2" :rotfl:. Every motorbike i have sat on (apart from my 125) i can only reach the floor on tip toes. I've had plenty of people say to me don't let that put me off but with not...
1-7 of 7 Results