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  1. What are the dimensions of the exhaust pipe on 2003 954

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone i am sure this question has been asked numerous times. I have searched threads and cant find an answer. I am shopping around for a slip on and am wondering what the diameter is , so i will know if any modifications are needed. I have honestly considered going back to a stock can...
  2. WTB: CBR 954rr slip on

    Looking for any slip on for my bike. Preferably in good condition with hardware. Please PM me with any pictures you have and details of the slip on. Will pay for shipping and am willing to meet up within 1-2 hours. Preferred method of paying would be paypal. Im located in the Colorado...
  3. Hello, New around here, Need help.

    Hey guys, I just moved to Pittsburgh from Florida after selling my R6. Hated to see it go, but last week I bought a 2003 954 rr with 6600 miles. everything stock and so far I like it a lot. I guess PA makes you inspect vehicles and I'm need for some tires among other things. So here goes my list...
  4. HOW TO: CBR 929 cut down slip on exhaust

    Articles: Honda FireBlade
    So those of us with old bikes with long ass cans know they are out of date. So I took 20 minutes, got out the saw zal and cut 12cm off my pipe (the front) and now I think it looks MUCH better. I got to clean off the glue from where the name plate was glued and rivited on... I had to move it...
  5. two brothers slip-on 2007 1000rr

    For Sale
    i have a two brothers slip-on.. it came off my 2007 1000rr im not sure which other years it will fit besides a 2006. it has somewhere around 3500 miles on it. only selling because i am one point away from losing my license so i went back to stock to draw less attention from cops. im asking $275...
  6. How do I choose a slip on?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I love my 929 and I really want a nice sounding pipe, not obnoxious but a good sound to display the great engine. I bought a carbon Jardine two years ago but never really liked it. I friend gave me a D&D pipe and although I knew I would never want that pipe, I tried it anyway. Needless...