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spark plug

  1. cbr900rr wont start

    General Discussion
    I have tried many things to get the bike start. I put new plugs in it and still nothing. The bike does have spark and the wires are hooked up correctly. The bike is also getting fuel. I actually flooded it many times during the process of trying to start it. I have tried to use starting fluid...
  2. Timesert m10x1.0 deep reach spark plug repair kit

    For Sale
    i bought this to fix the threads on one plug on my 954. kit includes a stepped drill bit, tap handle, 2 collars for drill depth and to keep the drill bit centered in the plug well, a tap for the OD of the insert, a driver to to install the inserts and a package of about 15 inserts. i pushed a...
  3. Pinking then running on 3 cylinders!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! I have just found this website, hope someone can help me here! Last night I was out on my '04 blade, and ended up crawling home on 3 cylinders :crap: Prior to that, I was hearing a sound like a slight 'ticking' as if an exhaust was blowing, so I immediately thought a plug had worked...
  4. Honda Cbr 600 F3 Oil in cylinder Help!!!

    Honda CBR 600
    I have a 96 cbr 600 and I came home to it laying on it's right side. we had a real bad wind storm (my plastics were off) but i picked up my bike cleaned it off and it wouldn't start I checked the basics gas/oil/fuses and such but when I checked the spark plugs there was oil in one of the...