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  1. CBR954 puzzle! help me solve it? :D

    General Discussion
    Hey there all! I have a 2002 CBR954RR that has been giving me some troubles. Here are the symptoms. 1. Super gunky spark plugs 2. Oil/slimy black stuff in the intake stacks and above the throttle body openings 3. Black smoke in exhaust. exhaust can is CAKED with carbon 4. Iridium plugs go bad...
  2. Wiring Genius Required!! RC51 SP1 harness help

    Honda RC51
    I'm building a sp1 hillclimber. Bought a torn out engine and harness (half harnessby the time I looked it over) and started wiring it up. Went through and jumped all the safety trickery / kill switch / ignition and she no sparky. The only unusual thing I'm gettin is the bank angle solinoid won't...
  3. Electrical Issue

    General Discussion
    The spark plugs on my CBR954rr have fouled out twice now in the last month. Compression has come back excellent each time on the engine. The question is now is there a problem with the ECU or an electrical issue happening. Anyone have an idea what could be happening causing my spark plugs to...
  4. 2001 CBR 929 WONT START

    Trying to get my 01 CBR 929 to run. I have what looks to me to be a weak spark. I have dealt with high energy ignitions on cars ( MSD, HEI, Mallory, etc.) which produce bright blue spark but my bike is shooting dim orange spark. It is the same on all cylinders. I have ohm tested the coil packs...
  5. ignition coils question

    Honda CBR400RR
    working on my nc29 and trying to figure out why it isn't firing, the spark is actually really weak and after taking the coils off i realized that the secondary winding isnt giving me any reading at all, if they were truly done would i still be getting a weak spark, also these coils were...