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  1. mc19 cbr250r odometer stopped

    General Discussion
    hey guys new to the forum and was wondering if i could get a little help, i have recently got back my mc19 after it was stolen for over a year and am rebuilding it back to the former glory and she still runs like a champ, honda reliability at its best :thumb: anyway finally got the speedo to...
  2. analog speedometer

    Honda FireBlade
    i would like to add an analog speedometer to my 2001 929...If anyone has done this before and/or has a source for parts or info/tips I'd appreciate it. Thinking I can probably find can aftermarket standalone gauge, but I'm not sure how to go about using the existing sensor? Is it possible to...
  3. F4i cluster outage, not starting, cutting out

    General Discussion
    Recently while riding my 2003 f4i, the bike would lose rpms rapidly when it hit about 8-9k rpms. The entire cluster went blank on me when I tired to rev through it, like the key was in the off position. When I got the bike home and shut it off it wouldn't start, but the cluster came back on...
  4. 1998 CBR900RRW - Speedo doesn't work in 2nd

    Honda FireBlade
    I knew the speedo was intermittently failing, which I assumed was the worm gear by the front sprocket. This bike actually has a sensor on the back of the engine though, and I've noticed the speedo dies only in second gear. Does anyone know what kind of sensor this is? The 2nd gear failure seems...
  5. 2004-2007 1000rr cluster speedometer gauges

    Hey guys and girls , like the title states im in need of a cluster. hit me up with what you have. Thanks! And shipping would be to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
  6. Parts for 04-07 CBR1000RR

    For Sale
    I am building from scratch an 06 CBR1000RR and have a few parts left over. Some were purchased as package deals and didnt need all the parts. Getting rid of set of forks, steering stem, radiator, right clip-on with starter switch, and rear rim. Will to trade some parts for 04-07 cbr1000rr...
  7. 954RR 2002 / Changing Gauge - Speedo - Speedometer

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi there, legendary fireblade riders.. i'm writing from Turkey btw. and i wanna ask a question about speedometers.. I got a 954RR which is 2002 model and also got a broken case, not meter. I want to change my speedometer but u know it's hard to find. i got some choices on eBay but i dont wanna...
  8. Change speedo cbr 929 HISS to non-HISS

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello, can I switch my EU-HISS speedo to a US-non HISS speedo? The reason is for mounting a aftermarket rpm gauges that match the color of my bike( and the gauges do not have hole for the HISS light, and to drill one would destroy the logo)
  9. Cbr 954 parts

    For Sale
    2002 CBR 954 Extra Parts Main Wiring Harness. Complete and in excellent condition $75 obo Speedometer. All brackets are clean and unbroken. 29k. Working condition. $75 obo Might have a manual laying around here somewhere.
  10. I hope this is the right place to post this... Um hello?

    Hello newbie here.. From Sacramento California. I own a 2001 CBR929RR. My second bike, had a 05 cbr600 before this. Loveeee the bike.
  11. Changed ICM and now tach/speedo aren't working

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys. I got a 1996 CBR600f3 from my cousin, all I had to do was fix it up and it was mine for the taking. Most mechanical issues are taken care of for now but the electrical issues are giving me a run for my money. My regulator went out on me a couple weeks ago, so we replaced that to find...
  12. speedo problems

    Honda CBR400RR
    hi guys, i have a Nc23 just a lil problem my speedo stopped working and i just guessed it was the cable so i bought one now on closer look it looks like were the cables go's into on the sprocket cover. shud there be A lil shard of metal to put the speedo on to or what iv never dealt with a...
  13. RRX speedo sensor

    Honda FireBlade the speedo sensor fits onto the top of the crankcase on the 1999 RRX. if the link above is working you'll see the view into the end of it, looks like a hex shape triple square. Just wondering how it works? I presume it fits onto something hex...
  14. RRX Speedo Corrosion pic

    Honda FireBlade
    My speedo stopped working on my UK model 1999 RRX. I've been working through the haynes manual procedures, but have one last test to do once I rig tiny prongs for my multimeter to test the speedo cluster connector, while spinning the rear wheel to check for a flucuating current. the guide says...
  15. wanted- RRX instrument cluster front cover

    Hi all, i have an ugly large crack on the 'glass' of my speedometer, so Im seeking the instrument cluster front cover, not full clocks. Im in the UK. ive the 1999 CBR900RRX model.
  16. 954RR Speedo Went Out

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello everyone, The speedo on my bike went out and I have no idea what speed I am traveling. The light blinks 11 times, which means either a faulty speed sensor or bad connection. What I am not sure of is where this sensor is located? How do I get to it and what does it look like? This way I...
  17. 2000 fireblade 929RR Speedo not working

    Honda FireBlade
    hi guys and gals need help... speedo has completely died, no display no rev counter nothing and have checked the sensor and all seems fine. tried checking wiring but not quite sure where to start? any ideas of what else and how i check? thanks in advance
  18. 98 bike with a 97 engine, how to make the speedo work!?

    General Discussion
    Title says it all. -My sprocket cover does'nt have any place for the speed sensor. Know they have on ebay. -My engine does'nt have any hole in the transmission. -The bolt that fastens the front sprocket's head is 17 mm - My speedometer has one big cotact on the back of the speed for every...
  19. Speedo Issue Common or Not?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, I just bought my fireblade (99 , 900rr) about 4 days ago. Im a seasoned rider driven on many different makes and models but I gotta tell ya the fireblade is one wicked fast ride haha. Anyway my question is im having an issue with the speedo on the bike, it was working with no problems what...

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all I have a 01 929rr and I really enjoy riding this bike but im always looking for new and diffrent ways to enjoy my bike even more. I was riding my buddys 09 cbr 600 and I liked his speedo a lot so I had a great idea to find a 09 cbr 600 speedo and install it on my 929. My question is have...