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  1. CBR1000RR Erroneous Turn Signal High Beam Indications on Speedometer Cluster

    Honda FireBlade
    Looking for suggestions on the following issue on my 2008 Honda CBR 1000: The turn signal and high beam function work, however, the indications on the cluster are acting up. With the RH turn signal set, both turn signal indicators and the high beam indicator blink on the cluster. The LH turn...
  2. 2007 CBR1000RR Tachometer/Speedometer Swap

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello: Is it possible to swap out a 2007 tachometer/speedometer gauge unit, for a 2008-2013 unit? The needle in my 07 got stuck, and it's not moving. Seems like I'll have to replace it, but I'd like to upgrade the look of it. Has anyone done this? Any issues with the swap I should know about...
  3. analog speedometer

    Honda FireBlade
    i would like to add an analog speedometer to my 2001 929...If anyone has done this before and/or has a source for parts or info/tips I'd appreciate it. Thinking I can probably find can aftermarket standalone gauge, but I'm not sure how to go about using the existing sensor? Is it possible to...
  4. Speedometer/odometer/ temp gauge acting up

    Honda CBR 600
    Hello! I have a 2001 cbr f4i. I recently change the CCT and got it all back together, ran great the next day, but the day after the speedo and temp gauge started acting up - showing random characters. All of the colored lights are working (neurtral, turn signals, fuel) and the tach is working as...
  5. 2004-2007 1000rr cluster speedometer gauges

    Hey guys and girls , like the title states im in need of a cluster. hit me up with what you have. Thanks! And shipping would be to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
  6. 954RR 2002 / Changing Gauge - Speedo - Speedometer

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi there, legendary fireblade riders.. i'm writing from Turkey btw. and i wanna ask a question about speedometers.. I got a 954RR which is 2002 model and also got a broken case, not meter. I want to change my speedometer but u know it's hard to find. i got some choices on eBay but i dont wanna...
  7. WTB 91-94 F2 speedo/gauge cluster

    Hi I'm looking for a replacement for my F2, be it new/used/aftermarket/or a housing to put my gauges in. Please let me know.
  8. 2004 1000rr Random Blank Display

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello, I'm new to this forum...but I do have some questions about the Speedo Display on my 2004 Honda 1000rr. I have noticed, recently, that the display will go blank and "powerdown" as I'm going down the road. Originally I thought this was my battery going out and that is a "precaution" to save...
  9. 2002 CBR 954 rr Speedometer

    For Sale
    Up for sale. 2002 CBR954rr speedometer cluster. Has some damage to the front. All brackets are in great condition. 29k miles. Works. $100 OBO
  10. 01 CBR929rr PLEASE help. Speedometer, cluster, dash not working.

    Site Comments / Help
    So i was watching my friend instal flush front turn signals. Since I'm not all that great with tools. And he installed the left one and checked if it work and it did, then he pressed switch to turn right and nothing was connected there. so the dash, speedometer and everything stopped working...
  11. Speedometer shows too much

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi there! I bought a 2nd hand FireBlade for about a month ago, and I have noticed that the speedometer is showing way too much. When i am driving about 130 km/h, the speedometer is showing 165 km/h. I have checked the sensor in the side of the front sprocket, but it seems to be intact. I Have...
  12. cbr 900 speedosensor problem on 98 or 97

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi I just bought a cbr 900 that was said to be a 1998 model. But the speedometer don't work so I ordered a new sensor but found out that there is no place for me to connect it on the engine transmission. I've seen on picture where it was supposed to be. So what I think is that I have a 98...
  13. CBR 929rr speedometer not working

    I have an 01 929 and have just started having problems with the speedometer not working. I have taken it out and cleaned it, and put it back in. I also put it on the stand and put it in gear a and moved the wires around to see if that would do the trick. It still did not work properly. It does...
  14. US/UK MPH Speedo wanted for 93' CBR900RR

    My bike is a Canadian, would like to get a speedo with MPH indications on it instead if Kilometers. Anybody got one lying about that still works?