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  1. CBR900RRR 92-97 SSSA kit for sale

    For Sale
    Due to a change of plans - I have a SSSA kit for sale as follows: 1) 94-97 VFR750 SSSA - with hub, calliper, torque arm, chain guard, braided brake pipe, disk etc (bolts modified to fit VFR800 and VFR750 wheel).. This is the one that does bolt into the Blade without modification... 2) VFR800...
  2. Rear Shock Options for RR with SSSA?

    Honda FireBlade
    My stock 93 900RR rear shock is toast. Using it with a 96 VFR SSSA. I can pick up the right spring here in town, but I'm wondering if anyone running a SSSA has found success here with a later model shock swap for the set-up. I do not want to pay Ohlins money. Just something that works and can...
  3. 2005 VFR 800 single sided swingarm

    For Sale
    Just bought it to do the swap but ran out of money. looking to sell or trade for exhaust or fairings. It comes complete with arm, hub, sprocket, rotor, caliper, brake lines, master cylinder, pivot bolt and chain. The bike had 5700 miles on it. I paid $350 for the setup and im looking to get my...