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  1. 02 954RR Wont Run Unless Ignition Switch is Pressed!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone, just joined. I ride a 2002 CBR954RR with about 31k miles. Has been running like a top since January, but today it randomly gave me trouble. After riding in the morning, and sitting for a few hours, the bike would not start. Starter sounded strong, plenty of gas, and...
  2. Battery fault???

    Honda CBR 600
    Hi guys I'm new on here as I have just bought my first (2nd hand) '98' CBR 600, it seems that every time I use the headlight while riding the next time I try to use the starter it won't work and I have to bump it. If I never use the light it starts every time but I prefer to ride with the...
  3. CBR 929 RR Won't Start

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2001 CBR 929 RR that the ignition key was left on for 20 minutes w/o the bike running and now it won't start; gets fuel but no spark. I've replaced ECM and bank angle switch and checked the wire connections and fuses. Any idea what else could be causing this?
  4. Rectifier or stator?

    Honda FireBlade
    I went to R.O.C. today and my bike got a little hot. 236 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. I had my high beams and led's on. When I took off from the stop light, my gauges all went blank and the tachometer wouldn't work. The only light that was on was the high beam light. She ran fine and when I...
  5. HONDA FT500 Starter Gears

    General Discussion
    I just got my 82 Honda FT500 Running after sitting for 7 months, I rode her 4 days and tried to start her today after already riding for a bit. The starter would make sound as she was trying but no noise from the motor. I opened the starter pinion cover to reveal that the teeth on the drive gear...
  6. Starting Problems! CBR400 NC29

    Honda CBR400RR
    I bought a CBR400 NC29 "BabyBlade" 1 days ago. When i got it it was starting 100%, first try each time. I took it for a long ride to make sure everything was in order and then even a longer ride to her new home. I also have all the papers and receipts of all the new parts that has been put on...
  7. NEED STARTER FOR 1998 cbr900rr (919)

    For Sale
    I need a starter for my 98 919. Email is [email protected] Thanks
  8. Nc23 Starter clutch changed, now bike won't start

    Honda CBR400RR
    Posting for a friend due to lack of internet at his new home. We have been working on his bike today after another friend dignosed a knocking noise from his engine as the starter clutch. After a bit of fiddling, we got to the starter clutch and tried to remove bolt holding the thing on. We tried...
  9. pc3usb problem

    I just put my pc3usb on. instalation was straight forward. first ride, biked started fine ran fine. then i stoped for gas and when i turned the key the bike started on its own. i hit the kill switch and it turned off but as soon as i turned the kill switch back on it started on its own again...
  10. MAJOR HELP!.... CBR929 won't start :/

    Honda FireBlade
    Ok, I have A 01' CBR929RR that won't start with a new fully charged batter! I have replaced the battery and the R/R... I thought the R/R was the issue because the connection from the R/R to the wire harness was melted... I can push start the bike and it will run forever... When I put the fully...
  11. 1989 Honda 250 Interceptor Wont Start!! Please help a newbie!

    Honda Interceptor / VFR
    I just bought an 1989 Honda VTR 250 Interceptor. The bike fire up when I bought it so I was willing to take a chance because it was cheap (this is my first bike). I rode it a few times but it ran rough after a few minutes (rpm dancing around 5-8x lights flickering). Now I cant even get the damn...
  12. One Minute It Starts, The Next It Doesnt

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi All, Although i am not new to the site i have not long had my CBR600 F Sport (02 Plate) Loving it. Anyway, this post is about my father in laws CBR 900 RRV. It go knocked over a little while back, cracked fairings etc, he has replaced the fairing and got it back on the road, nothing...
  13. strange noise ?starter motor

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi folks Looking for a wee bit of advice. Posting on behalf of my partner as he's not so good with PC's. The other day when we were out on the bikes his fireblade suddenly started making a loud noise. At first we thought it was tapit noise, although for me it was very sudden and very...