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starting problems

  1. CBR 954RR Won't Start-Fuel Pump Not Turning On

    Honda FireBlade
    To make a long story short, I haven't ridden my 954 regularly for a few years. This past fall/winter I moved from my apartment complex to a new place. My batter was dead, but that was expected, and once I replaced it with a new one it started up and ran fine, I was able to move it to my new...
  2. CBR900RR-X Running problems

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys, just picked up a cheap 1999 fireblade that's a non runner. I've take the head off and performed a leak test, which showed all four cylinders had leaking valves. Now my question is the is very light scoring in cylinders 2 and 3 is this normal? Also when the engine was whole I tried...
  3. Starting mystery

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi I have read lots of posts about starting issues with these bikes but the suggestions always seem to be something we have tried, so I am wondering whether there might be a really simple solution to this that we have missed... Bought the bike from a seller from the Isle of Wight so saw it...
  4. Starting Problems! CBR400 NC29

    Honda CBR400RR
    I bought a CBR400 NC29 "BabyBlade" 1 days ago. When i got it it was starting 100%, first try each time. I took it for a long ride to make sure everything was in order and then even a longer ride to her new home. I also have all the papers and receipts of all the new parts that has been put on...
  5. 2000 Honda 929 cbr rr battery draining while bike is running

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 929 I am experiencing some odd issues with. I am having trouble tracking down the problem. The battery seems to be draining while the bike is running. I know the alternator is doing its job because the bike never cuts off or loses power. But after riding or running for 30 min or so it...
  6. 98 CBR900rrx starting issues! help!

    General Discussion
    Hi all, im new here so please be patient with me, i bought a 98 blade in sep, now this prob happens on cold mornings, the bike starts on the choke first time, runs for a good while when warming up, then dies whether the choke is on or not, when i say dies, its like a fuel starvation but it...
  7. starting problem. any ideas??

    General Discussion
    ok i have a 95 honda cbr600 f3. i bought this past summer and it would start and run everytime no problem, when it got cold i parked the bike and emptied the gas. i put a gallon in the other day and tried to start it. it cranked and cranked but nothing happened. it finally fired up for about 10...