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  1. Gasket Sealer for '01 929 Alternator Cover

    General Discussion
    Changing out a stator on my 929 RR. Manual says gasket sealant, but not what type. Many different applications for all different gaskets. This is a green, paper gasket. Any direction? Thanks
  2. magic battery???

    General Discussion
    So my 99 900rr decided to put 21 volts through my battery last week and fried it, so I unhooked the reg/rec completely and was planning on charging the cheap Wal-Mart battery after every ride until my new reg/rec and battery come. But for the past three days I've been riding and checking the...
  3. Stator defekt after crash - CBR900RR SC44

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys, I got a question regarding the stator of my CBR900RR SC44. I slipped and the cap of my stator broke, this caused the stator to grind on the moving part (dont know the right term at the moment ;-) Now some of the winding wires are ground. I attached some pictures of it, hope they...
  4. Headlight issues help!!

    Honda CBR 600
    I have installed a HID kit in my 01 F4i (please don't go off with your opinions on HIDs, can't see well at night and dont care if cagers are blinded briefly). So before I installed my HIDs my headlights would dim at low RPM and get brighter at higher RPMs. After installation this issue has been...
  5. Which size stator??

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi Guys, So out for a ride at the weekend, CBR900RRV decides it is time to exhibit the famous "I'm not going to charge your battery anymore" symptoms. I've done the tests, I know it IS the stator. I have seen these two replacements (Both Electrex and have a friend with good personnal...
  6. Stator compatibility

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 1998 CBR 900RR and was wondering the size specifications for a new stator. I'm new to stator replacement and wanted to know how to be sure I'm getting the right size. I would go OEM but I'm not wanting to pay almost $500. Any recommendations on a reliable stator that will...
  7. Bike Won't Start!

    General Discussion
    So here's the deal. I crashed my 06 F4i about 5 months ago and have been slowly rebuilding the front end, as that was where the only physical damage was. Fast forward to today, I have new forks, tire/wheel and radiator. It was a head-on collision. Being the noob that I am, I left the battery in...
  8. 93 CBR1000 'alternator base'? broken :(

    Honda FireBlade
    I just purchased this bike for next to nothing because the kid says "the alternator is bad and the shop can't fix it" so I took it believing it is savable. here's the issue I have minimal knowledge of a motorcycle but I do have plenty on cars. after reading a diagram on this bike I'm believing...
  9. main fuse keeps blowing

    General Discussion
    I dont know for sure but I think my R/R is bad, or is going bad. I just replaced the main wire harness in my 01 929 because of a R/R went bad. I bought a used R/R and put that in. other than a grounding issue could a bad R/R cause my main fuse to blow as soon as I turn my bike on? and when i...
  10. Stator re-winding?

    General Discussion
    I have a bad stator on my '83 Nighthawk CB550SC. Can anyone recommend a place to have it re-wound?
  11. Wanted : CBR929rr Alternator Parts

    For Sale
    Looking to buy a stator, and Rectifier/Regulator or find a good online site for them. Thanks!
  12. CBR929rr Charging Issues

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, So i've had my 929rr for about a month, and it had a brand new battery in it when I got it.. I'm driving to work the other evening, stop at a red light to talk to my buddy whos beside me, kill the bike so I can hear him, it fires up fine and I drive another mile(ish) to the gas...
  13. Stator Wire exposed

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi! i bought a brand new Stator for a CBR 929rr installed it and charging system is still failing, bought a brand new R/R and still doing the same thing, so i pulled put my stator today and found this For the looks of it, Its still looks good to me, but this wire that got exposed maybe is...
  14. testing the rectifier with a multimeter! need help

    Honda FireBlade
    here is a video i made, Your help is very much appreciated, any help will do, i really have no idea what im doing.
  15. 1989 Honda 250 Interceptor Wont Start!! Please help a newbie!

    Honda Interceptor / VFR
    I just bought an 1989 Honda VTR 250 Interceptor. The bike fire up when I bought it so I was willing to take a chance because it was cheap (this is my first bike). I rode it a few times but it ran rough after a few minutes (rpm dancing around 5-8x lights flickering). Now I cant even get the damn...
  16. Help Please!! And what's up, all...

    I have a 95 cbr 900rr... I replaced the battery, stator, and the rec/reg... and the freakin battery keeps dying... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
  17. Please Help!! 900rr battery keeps dying??

    Honda FireBlade
    I have put a new battery, a new stator, and a new rec/reg... And it still just runs the battery down and dies?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... By the way... 95 Honda cbr 900rr
  18. what or how do i take off the magnet part where the stator sits and flywheel. cbr929

    Honda FireBlade
    ok so im getting cbr 929 engine case welded on while its on the bike but i need to take off the magnet thing idk what the correct name for it is and then take off the flywheel. i bought the special picece for the flywheel to come off. but i have not yet reached the flywheel. Do i take off the...
  19. Buying an '03 Blackbird

    General Discussion
    Hi all. I'm buying an 03 low milage cbr1100xx. Bike looks like it's been treated well. Should I simply replace the stator and regulator or ride it and see how it goes? Was the 03 better than other years? What other advice about preventative maintenance does the forum have to offer? I don't...
  20. rectifier??

    Honda FireBlade
    So I have been having a few issues with the electricity on my bike lately. I took it for about a 120 mile trip three days ago and it was good for the first half of the ride. When I went to start it up again the power was drained out and the starter was cranking but not firing the bike. I bump...