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  1. Wanted
    as title says, does anyone have for sale or know where i can buy a good quality damper and fitting it? i am in the uk thanks
  2. Honda FireBlade
    is it a life or death thing? a lot of people sure have made it out to be like that based off of some things I've read. Or is it one of those things that really won't be apparent unless tracking the bike? I mean, there are a good number of times when I rode my 929rr HARD on the twisties, so if I...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    Anybody have a Toby steering damper on their 900RR? I have a 1993 and i am trying to find a damper for my bike. I have seen these on ebay and they mount infront of the tripple clamp....just wondering if they are good quality? Thanks!
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone, Im looking for a steering stem for my 01 cbr 929rr or if anyone can tell me what the pitch is of the lower lock nut threads so i can buy the correct thread file to fix the damaged threads. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. General Discussion
    Hey, I have read many links on here but no one tells exactly how to press the steering stem out of the lower triple clamp on a cbr 929. So my impression is flip the clamp up side down so the stem is facing down and the press is pressing from the bottom. Apply pressure and the stem well just pop...
1-5 of 5 Results