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  1. General Discussion
    i recently shipping my cbr and when they strapped down the front forks they compressed the suspension quite a bit. i wasnt too worried but when i had the bike uncrated i charged the battery and took the bike for a spin around the lock and to my surprise the bike was very stiff. it ceased to feel...
  2. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi guys, passed my Mod 2 the other day and have been riding my NC23 for 2/3 days now. One thing I'm noticing is that the clutch lever is very stiff, it's actually making my hand / fingers ache after 1+ hour of riding. I'm not sure whether this is specific to my bike, or these type of bikes in...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    There are hundreds of articles here with conflicting opinions on CBR 929 suspension and on the web on m/c suspension generally. I've spent hours reading them and worn the black powdered coating off my fork preload nuts and tried a hundred different combinations of rebound and compression to try...
1-3 of 3 Results