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  1. Slip-on vs. Stock- HP/TQ losses and gains

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hello fellow riders! I have an '08 'Blade with a Yosh R-77 carbon slip on. I bought the bike with the Yosh already on it. The bike is obviously rippin fast when you get above 5k rpm, but feels a little "groggy" any lower. Do we think (or know) if a stock exhaust would make a noticeable...
  2. Re-install stock exhaust help (egr)?

    General Discussion
    Hi, I just bought a 1000RR with a gp (straight) pipe on it which I really didn't like. I re-installed the stock exhaust but I can't figure out the cable for the egr valve! Does anyone know how to re-install that? If I turn the motor to fit the cable in I get a code on the dash and the motor...
  3. stock exhaust swap

    Swap Section
    Kinda a shot in the dark on this one but im wondering if anyone might have a full exhaust that they would want to swap for an oem full exhaust titanium wrapped headers. Ive got a 98 . Im hoping some one may be looking to go back to stock might be interested. Pm me.
  4. Exhaust Bolts

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello All, I am missing the bolts to connect the stock can to the bottom of the exhaust pipes. I was wondering if anyone knows what size they are so I can get some at a local hardware store. I am also missing the bolt to hold the can to the frame. Thanks.