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  1. Honda FireBlade
    I bought a SC33 project bike almost 2 months ago and been reading a lot of, and now I have a question. I'll save my stupid story for a build post. I'm in the process of streetfighter'ing the SC33, and want to convert it to a single seat (have a spare subframe with plastic, stored...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    I bought this 929 that was sitting in the back of a garage for two years last December, got it up and running then set about making it what I wanted. Enjoy. Album link in case these individual pics don't work - CBR929rr streetfighter conversion - Album on Imgur
  3. Streetfighter
    Hiya folks, ive bought a new "topyokes" yoke, risers, bars, and headlight for my recently demolished 900 RR, i'm just wondering what to do with all f--cking wiring. I'll obviously need to cut, re-route, and extend certain parts but i'm a little nervous about making a fist of it. i know that its...
  4. Streetfighter
    Just showing off my new bike, which is the reason I joined this nice forum :) Sadly not my build though, would've been cooler if it was ^^, Only think I don't like is the fact that left side looks like **** compared to right side x) Build info: powdercoated frame 2006 R1 forks R1 front...
  5. Bcr Fireblade Streetfighter

    Bcr Fireblade Streetfighter

    My bike
  6. Streetfighter
    Hi fellas! Thought I'd introduce my streetfighterish -03 954 along with some picks of the conversion. Bought it from Estonia two years ago and its been an absolute hoot this far, I just love the nature of the engine. Though, truth to be told, it could be a little bit better with that...
  7. General Discussion
    Picked up a headlight off of a Triumph Speed 4 and am in the process of installing it on my CBR 600F4i (2006). I'll admit that I haven't really had a chance to look at the wiring or even try to figure it out, so I'm hoping it will be an easy switch, though I'm not expecting it to be. Anybody...
  8. Honda CBR 600
    Morning everybody. I recently lowsided my 1996 F3, and I decided to go to a streetfighter look. The conversion so far has consisted of the addition of an Acewell all-in-one gauge and a set of Aztec8 4" headlights. Additionally, since the tank was damaged I swapped the tank and tail plastics out...
  9. Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a 1997 cbr900rr track bike for sale with 38,800 on the clock. It is a solid bike with track fairings and 17 inch front wheel conversion and Dunlop q2's in decent shape. I only rode it 1 day and crashed it in my 5th session... the fairings are patched up and I have the new clip-on and...
  10. Streetfighter
    I just got this bike and am very interested in streetfighting it, im looking for custom headlights n guages n tail lights, for cheap or free, and also looking to see which years body parts are interchangeable, ie fuel tank, so if you know any links where I can find these parts or if you have em
  11. Streetfighter
    Hello im trying to get a.engine out of a cbr400 I have unmounted it. I have managed to get it to drop about 4mm but seems to get stuck Any suggestions
  12. For Sale
    Hi I Have for sale a C’N’C ( Cool ‘n’ Comfy ) Top Yokes Kit to fit a Honda Fireblade. This kit came off my 2002 954 Model and im unsure if it would fit any other model ( May do 929 ? ) The kit is in excellent nearly new condition and comprises of:- 1 x no Machined Topyoke with bar risers. 1...
  13. Honda Naked Sportbikes
    Hey guys, I'm a brand new member located in San Diego, thinking about picking up a heavily modded 2004 919. I'll post some pics but basically its streetfighter-style, sub-frame has been cut and sharkskinz tailsection added, exhaust has been modded 2-high to 1-low, and I think thats about it for...
  14. Eastern USA
    Looking for a chrome rear rim for my CBR900 streetfighter any suggestions?
  15. Streetfighter
    This is a bike my brother in law just recently gave me, the hideous purple and yellow version. It's pretty much stripped no gauges no fairing except for an aftermarket tail and a really shitty aftermarket undertail. I'm thinking of converting it to a streetfighter and I'm just looking for some...
  16. My Fightered '96

    My Fightered '96

  17. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    I'm currently in the middle of a project.. I have a 94 900rr.. I'm looking for a way to update my front fairings to either the 95 or 99 model ... Is this even possible... I really just want to lose the round headlights.. I actually chopped the subframe behind the support for the rear seat... I'm...
  18. Streetfighter
    Here are a few pics of my 929. Not finished Yet. Looks Different now, than in the pictures. My camera broke and I haven't replaced it yet. I have done a lot of work since then. More pics to follow.
  19. Streetfighter
    I have taken a mint condition 1994 CBR900rr, chopped the tail, and streetfightered it. I live in Thailand. Here is what has been done: Paint is a flat metallic silver – from 2010 Harley Sportster I bought a whole new tail and undertray on ebay for $75. Chopped and powdercoated it. The tiny...
  20. Blade II

    Blade II

    Current project