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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! For reasons that remain a mystery to everyone but me, I'm planning on putting an SC28 or an SC33 swingarm onto my VFR if I can manage it. Unfortunately, there's one minor problem: after days of searching I can't find the swingarm pivot width for either one. Would someone out there...
  2. Review My Ride
    process of fitting the fairings from a 2000 929RR to my 1999 900RR. Next I'm modifying the subframe from a 929RR I bought to fit my frame
  3. General Discussion
    Is it possible to put the 2004 600RR headlight assembly and front cowl on my 2004 600f4i? I like the RR headlight setup better, so just curious
  4. General Discussion
    Hi everybody, kinda new on here as for posting goes. But here it is: I have a 00' 929 that is turbocharged. It is street driven but will drag it once I can safely turn up the boost. My question is if the 954 bottom end cases (piston bore ) will fit directly onto the rest of the 929 (head). I...
  5. Honda CBR 600
    I'm installing a new F3 motor in my F3 and am a little confused on where some of the hoses go. I've numbered the hoses #1-4 in the pictures. 1. coolant line 2.relay for the thermostat? 3+4. coolant lines for the carb? guessing 1 goes to 3 and 4 goes to 2?
  6. Honda FireBlade
    Hello my name is Matt and I am new to the forum .... I was wondering if anyone new if it was possible to put plastics from an 01 929rr on a 94 900rr ? I know I'll need a different head light and what not ... But will the plastics line up ... Do the 01s have the big metal fairing stay ? I'm just...
  7. Honda FireBlade
    Hi all I have a 01 929rr and I really enjoy riding this bike but im always looking for new and diffrent ways to enjoy my bike even more. I was riding my buddys 09 cbr 600 and I liked his speedo a lot so I had a great idea to find a 09 cbr 600 speedo and install it on my 929. My question is have...
  8. Honda RC51
    Does anybody know of any other gauges that would be pretty easy to put in the rc52?
  9. Wanted
    i just bought my first 900rr and i love it already, only thing i do not love so much is the huge and low tail. looking to convert it to something a little more modern. any ideas or parts for sale??? possibly interested in an entire tail section with sub frame and all included.
  10. Honda FireBlade
    Well, first off, i dont know if this is even possible. If someone here has any info on this at all it would be appreciated, cause im about to blow money on a science experiment. So plan is to take a2006 1000rr head and fit it to the 2001 929 jugs. Ive been staring at pictures and exploded...
  11. General Discussion
    I have a mint 81 CM400E (aside from the seized engine that is). I have received advice from a couple sources that the CM450 will bolt right onto my frame, and that the 450 is more reliable due to the oil cooler. Has anyone ever done this swap? I am planning on using the Carb, and starter...
1-11 of 11 Results