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  1. manual fan switch 1999 cbr 900 rr

    Honda FireBlade
    My 99 900rr's fan doesnt seem to kick on till around 221 degrees. Out of fear of ruining the engine from the heat I decided to add a manual fan switch. What you'll need.. wire cutters/stripper 10 inches of wire (Bigger is better. I used scrap 12 gauge from different project.) 1 wire tap-in 1...
  2. Hooking up siren to horn

    Although I have a Two Bros pipe on my bike, I still have had some close encounters on the freeway. The stock horn just doesn't do it when you need to be noticed. I normally just hit it and take off when I feel I am in a sticky situation but there are always those times when that isn't an option...
  3. Need complete front fairing for either 929 or 954

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 01 929 that i recently purchased, it was a stunt bike so the entire front fairing, headlight, fender & turn signal switch is missing. I'm looking to purchase all, they dont have to be perfect but not crappy either.