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tail light

  1. Undertail slip on exhaust (delkevic) and integrated tail light (tst) installation video on 2009 cbr600rr

    Honda CBR 600
    this installation was done on our camera man's (Cobra) 2009 cbr600rr. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. UFO Light Kit

    Has anyone heard of the HighTechSpeed UFO Lighting Kit? If so I would love some info on how it works, maybe a wiring diagram, how bright on they and so forth? I have a 2001 Honda CBR 929rr and this would be for the tail light. Thank you.
  3. Tail light, gauge cluster fuse keeps blowing 02 954

    Honda FireBlade
    So for some reason I can not explain I keep blowing this fuse. But only high speeds or when it's really hot out side. I have ran through most of the wiring and don't see any loose or pinched wires Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. 954 Tail light LEDs

    Honda FireBlade
    Do any of the light gurus on here know what size or style the stock LEDs are on a 954? I am thinking of replacing them with brighter bulbs since only one replacement tail light has impressed me, and I spent $250 on it from it was like having a red floodlight on the back of my buell...