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    Quote me on the part or lead me to a company that will ****ing work or at least guarantees the parts... I have gone through THREE PETCOCKS since i bought this bike less than a year ago. Just point me to one that will work.
  2. 2002 954RR Winning Red Fuel Tank (Please Read)

    For Sale
    I'm not here to church it up. I resealed the tank liner (POR-15 kit, no issues with that). I couldn't get the nuts to seal on the fuel pump gasket (and I wanted to ride) so I used a steel stick and Seal All to seal around the fuel pump. The fuel ate the Seal All and it leaked overnight. I bought...
  3. WTB: Full set of plastics, rear seat, stator cover, kill switch assembly, fuel tank

    Took a spill on my 929, so am now looking to buy: kill switch assembly stator cover rear seat front fairing stay full set of plastics (if the price is right) fuel tank (if price is right) private message me or post contact info here.. THANK YOU:thumb:
  4. Leaking gas tank

    General Discussion
    Im working on 1983 CBX 550F and did the vinegar trick to clean the gas tax. It wasn't that bad and I left the vinegar in about 2 days shake now and then. Clean now. BUT... Then I noticed it is leaking in 2 small holes ( 1/8' or smaller). Took it the local welding shop, George has been there...
  5. Gas Tank Removal

    General Discussion
    I have A Haynes manual so I'm not concerned about the step by step. Was just wondering if you guys had any tips for minimizing gas spillage. As it's fuel injected spilling is inevitable but I'd like to minimize it as much as possible . If you guys can give me some advice aside from clamping...
  6. WTB Clean 954rr tank

    must be the oem red and black color without dents or rust i am located 08534
  7. 2000 CBR 929 Fuel Tank Question

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    I have a 2000 CBR 929 and I am taking it apart to get it ready for paint. I need to know the size of an allen wrench/ star bit for the bolt on the bottom of the tank that has runs to the fuel pump. Any suggestions? Here is a picture of what I am talking about.
  8. First Time Denting Tank

    My Dented tank from 900rr CBR. Also added sharp lines down sides for nicer looks. Let me know what yall think...
  9. WTB - 954 tank tail and undertail

    As the title says. I'm looking for a tank with no dings or dents on it, scratches or colors don't bother me. I'm also looking for a black tail in perfect condition. The last item is a Targa undertail, please don't suggest any other, I've had them all, I want a targa. Color not important. Thanks...
  10. F3 tank cover!

    General Discussion
    how the hell do you replace this? :idunno: im looking at getting new fairings and im able to get a tank cover as well. but im not sure how to remove the old one off a 1996 honda F3. im assuming it comes off somehow as you can see a gap between the tank and the cover, and the ebay china versions...
  11. 954 Tank- Carbon Fiber

    For Sale
    Currently I am making a new Carbon Fiber tank for the 954. Previously I made the Ducati Tank (picture attached). I am looking to sell these 954 tanks for $1100 plus shipping.
  12. koso rx1n

    For Sale
    will trade for: stock 954 gauge cluster 954 tank in any condition 954/ 929 full exhaust and combination of the 3 plus and/or cash pending on condtion this is a 350 dollar gauge set up :: KOSO NORTH AMERICA :: Gauges, LED bars, Accessories for Motorcycles, ATV, Cars, Scooters and...
  13. Tail, Tank, Front Fender, Ram Air Intakes

    For Sale
    I just sent these items out to get molded and carbon fiber replacements made so when i get them back i'll be looking to sell them. They are all off my 02 954, Blk Slvr Rd color scheme. They are all in amazing condition the Tank has a VERY small paint chip on the bottom left side right around...
  14. Honda 919 parts

    For Sale
    My 2002 Honda 919 / CB900F / Hornet was laid down at about 5mph - very low speed - earlier this year. The bike and all components were still perfectly functional but sustained some scraping on the pavement. As a result, I decided to replace a number of parts, which are now available for sale. I...