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  1. Honda FireBlade
    Hi there, am new on here. I have got myself a 1998 blade. It is fitted with a Hagon rear shock and standard front Showa forks. I have searched forum history but I couldn't find what I need. I am looking for a base setting but nowhere can I seem to find one for the Hagon rear. I use it for...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Greetings fam! new the board, and my first post isn't a happy one! what happened: bought a cbr929 with 48,000 miles, came with a charging system issue. turns out, the stator was disconnected by the previous owner (who is a ****ing goober to say the least). tested the r/r, stator etc with...
  3. Honda RC51
    I left the ignition turned on and the lights drained the battery. I jumped it and it started fine, BUT only once. Now it keeps blowing the second fuse in the box (Ignition) when I ride it. What did I cook?! I dread electrical trouble shooting, but I'm a little handy. Hoping this sort of common
  4. General Discussion
    Hello to anyone. This is my story, I have a 2001 (I think), Honda Shadow 600, my main problem is that the fan won't start, the only way that can achieve some success is if I connect the wire to mass, Ok, I think, the fan switch is faulty, so I bought an original brand new fan switch then...
1-4 of 4 Results