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  1. 2001 Honda cbr RR 929

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello all! I’m new to the forum . Recently my 929 skipped timing I’m looking for help with finding TDC correctly and adjusting my timing. And how to go about adjusting timing. I ride year round and my girl is down and I need it back up ASAP. Please any help would be appreciated . Thank you
  2. 99 cbr900rr: can't idle at 1200 and power dies at 6000

    Honda FireBlade
    The blade is reborn, albeit a lil rusted and dulled. I got my 99 rrx to finally run under its own power, and even adjusted/synced the carbs, the best i could. It sounds pretty good, idles ok if set to about 1500 rpm according to the dash tach) and responds awesomely to snap throttle and...
  3. Wtb - working Ignition control module for 98-99 cbr 900rr (rrw/rrx/sc33/919)

    Looking to buy an icm, preferably under 100. Can buy a non OEM unit new for 165, so looking for something reasonable. Only looking for guaranteed working unit, and must guarantee as seller if used. Been burned bad enough just buying the bike.... email me or message me. Purchase time is...
  4. Dies Above 7500 RPM

    Honda FireBlade
    Under hard acceleration sitting on the stand or while ridding, the bike dies. The HESD light comes on the the fuel pump will not prime until i turn the switch off and back on again. The bike was parked for a few months for powder coating over the winter. I, being an idiot didn't empty the tank...
  5. 2007 cbr1000rr cam chain replacement

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi There, I have ordered a new cam chain and tensioner lifter from Honda and hoping to replace them this weekend. For replacing the cam chain: 1. Remove cylinder head cover (valve cover). would i need a new gasket here? 2. Set TDC, ensuring IN & EX cam sprockets are level with casing. 3...
  6. cbr f3 advice!

    General Discussion
    I have a CBR f3 that I will be putting an ignition advanceron soon. Now would it be alright if I put a 520 chain on it and different sprockets? If so, what would you recommend the gearing be? Thanks!
  7. Timing problems

    General Discussion
    I have been trying to put my motor back apart on my 98 and I noticed that there are no timing marks on the crank and my timing chain will not fit back over my cams. Kinda stuck any suggestions?
  8. F4 Head Racket

    Honda CBR 600
    I'm new to this site so give me a break. I have two CBR 600F4s. One was a primary bike and the other I used as a parts bike because it was wrecked. I stripped one of the spark plug threads on my primary bike, so I decided, instead of repairing the threads, to use the head from the wrecked bike...