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  1. CBR 954 transmission noise

    Honda FireBlade
    Everything on the inside minus the outer clutch basket has been replaced or in good condition. Mechanic told me the outer needed to be replaced as well, but my neglegant memory thought it had already been recently replaced, which it, in fact, had not.
  2. Issue shifting while accelerating

    Honda CBR 600
    Hi everyone I have a 1999 Honda CBR f4 with approximately 68.000 km on original engine and transmission. I bought it last year mid July from a middle aged man with family. Month later I replaced the oil with Motul E-Tech 10W40 as the old oil seemed dark. Being new to the bike I tried to shift...
  3. CBR954RR Shifting Sensitivity / Adjustment?

    General Discussion
    Been riding for ten years, but that doesn't stop me from asking what is likely a novice question (that may have already been answered somewhere...) My 954 is a clean example of its kind, runs strong, and is well-taken care of. My love for the bike causes me great paranoia at times when I don't...
  4. New to site, putting in a new Tranny.. Woo.

    Honda FireBlade
    Looking for 954 parts: - Shift forks - Shift drum - Inner clutch basket - throttle cable - Clutch shaft end locking nut If you have any of these laying around I'd love to make you an offer, or send me a price. Will probably be buying most of them today or tomorrow. Not today, but over the...
  5. Gear Alignment on Mainshaft and Countershaft

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a '99 CBR900 and recently 2nd gear has been popping out under heavy acceleration so i decided to replace the mainshaft. I bought the mainshaft and everything but there are some washers/spacers that came out of alignment. The problem is i don't know where to put the washer/spacer in...
  6. Over staked clutch basket nut. HELP!

    Honda FireBlade
    Does anybody know any tricks to unstaking the 30mm nut that holds your clutch basket? They staked it so far into the key i had to take a rotary tool and tried to grind it out with no luck, it just seems to keep pushing metal farther in. On a different note, anyone have a clutch basket for a 98...
  7. 98 CBR shifting problems

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 98 CBR 919 and currently having problems with the transmission. I know I have a worn out 2nd gear because when I give it gas in 2nd gear it bumps it back to neutral. Now the other problem that I'm having is that when I shift gears for example shifting up, the pedal stays upward and...
  8. 2004 Fireblade - Clunkning noise from Transmission

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi Everyone, I was recently riding my Fireblade when the bike developed a clunking noise from the transmission. I would describle as a constant rattle. It happens in neutral, stops completely when the clutch is pulled in and then happens in the other gears, it sounds so bad I cannot ride the...
  9. WTS 954rr Transmission

    For Sale
    I have a transmission out of a 2002 CBR 954 which is in perfect condition. I rode the bike while this tranny was in it. I am in Northern Virginia. My price is $200 plus shipping via UPS ground. I can ship asap. It's ready to go. Yes it has the forks with it. I respond quick to questions.
  10. HOW TO: CBR 929 Factory Pro Shift Kit Install w/ Clutch and Tranny Assessment

    Articles: Honda FireBlade
    I've had my Factory Pro Evo Shift kit for over a year now and I love it! No more missed shifts and I have a more confident feel with each shift... much more crisp and a better feel. This doesn't have every single tiny step. However it does show the basic idea and you should use the bike manual...
  11. Is this a big problem??

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 04 Honda Cbr 600rr. Lately, when Ive been coming to stops and down shifting, Ive been experiencing a second click after the initial shift. It seems like when I release the clutch and give it a little gas is when it finally clicks into gear. Does this sound like a serious...
  12. CBR900 Hesitation on Re-accelleration

    General Discussion
    Hello guys, been reading through this site for a while but now I really need help. Ive got a 1999 fireblade which has developed what I can only call a hesitation as it is not a missfire. It only happens when I am decellerating and then try reaccellerate, in any gear and at all rpm ranges. Idle...