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  1. 2009 CBR 100RR PROBLEM!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey all, My name is Kasey, im just looking for a little advise because im a little lost. 3 months ago i bought a 09' 1000RR from a guy about 2.5 hours away. the gauge says it has 3,300 Miles on it and this thing looked clean, no wear and tear anywhere. So i ride it around, decided to buy it...
  2. Indicator Issues - Unknown Cause

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi Everyone, Late last year I purchased a borked '01 929. Some elbow grease and a little TLC and she was right as rain, but there's still got one problem I can't work out for the life of me. When I use the indicator (left or right), it will take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes for...
  3. What else can be damaged besides the clutch from doing too many burnouts?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys hows it going? Need a little advice, last summer i started doing burnouts on my 2000 cbr929rr and after i did the first solid one i noticed immediately noticed there was alot more play in the clutch lever than before i did the first burnout. i didnt think too much of it and like a noob...
  4. 02 954 won't start

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey there fine persons of the Fireblades forum, My 2002 CBR954RR will not start, and I mean that is the only thing that it won't do; meaning, The ignition works, guages and clock come on The fuel pump primes, (kuh-wrrrrr) It cranks when I press on the starter The ONLY thing it isn't doing is...