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upper fairing

  1. WTB 1999 Fireblade RRX Fairing / Headlight

    Hello It's a long shot but I need the following parts for my 1999 Fireblade (CRB900RRX): Upper fairing / cowl Right and left upper fairing inner panels Complete headlight unit I'm only interested in OEM parts as I've been recommended against buying the aftermarket panels. Happy to sort out...
  2. WANTED! - 04 RC51 Upper Cowl & Rim

    Need an OEM upper cowling for my 04 RC51. Had a steer damper fail on me, and tank slapped into a center median. So i'm after a few final pieces. Don't care about their color, or if it has scratches. Just NOT interested in anything Fiberglass. Also, a OEM front rim, if ya got one. Looking...
  3. WTB: 954rr Upper Fairing(Silver or Titanium), Headlight, Mirrors, Windshield

    Need these parts for a 954rr.... Upper Fairing(Silver or Titanium) Headlight Mirrors Windshield