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  1. WTB Cbr 954 Nose Fairing (Titanium)

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to find a Cbr 954 Upper Fairing. I'm actually in need of both sides, the front fender and the nose but the nose is a tough one to find. I'd like it to be OEM and in the Titanium paint scheme. This will probably determine whether or not I stick with oem or go ahead...
  2. 2002 954 OEM Front Body Work

    For Sale
    Red and Black. All brackets are good but there is slight damage to each piece. I bought used on ebay and rode with it for a year or two. I was keeping them as a good backup but just sold the bike. Anything reasonable will take it. email me for pics. Ron
  3. Upper right fairing

    For Sale
    Upper right fairing - the victim of a low speed, low side. All tabs are intact. Offer + $25 shipping.