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  1. 99 cbr900rr: can't idle at 1200 and power dies at 6000

    Honda FireBlade
    The blade is reborn, albeit a lil rusted and dulled. I got my 99 rrx to finally run under its own power, and even adjusted/synced the carbs, the best i could. It sounds pretty good, idles ok if set to about 1500 rpm according to the dash tach) and responds awesomely to snap throttle and...
  2. Finding Compression Stroke TDC

    General Discussion
    Rookie wannabe mechanic here, tried adjusting my valves (Honda CM400C), they now sound like crap. I rotated engine while watching valves, the intake opened then closed, I continued to rotate engine to the "T" mark line up thinking that I was now at TDC (felt piston in spark hole) on Compression...
  3. 954 Akrapovic - valve removal

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi All! My first post here. After selling all my previous bikes I bought the 954 as I simply could't cope without one. It has the full Akrap Ti exhaust but the exhaust valve is still there which is surly limiting both power and sound. Are there eliminator pipes available for this exhaust? I...
  4. 954 Exhaust Valve Adjustment (ECGV)

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 2003 954 with about 26k on it. I got a PGM FI error of 35 a couple weeks ago. I diagnosed it and found I had stripped gears in the servo. I replaced the servo with OEM, but then it was binding, so I took apart the EGCV and found that one of the graphite bushings was worn badly. I...
  5. 929 HVIX... To remove the air flapper or not?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi I´ve got a 929 2000 that has developed the usual servo motor problem. I have searched the forums and found several threads about this but no answer to my question. I´m gonna set the exhaust valve in a fixed position and I will try the 3000-8000 and the 8000+ positions, the question is if I...