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  1. Honda Cruisers
    can anyone tell me how to check my fuel cutoff relay? i dont thinks its good but before i go order one i want to make sure this is the problem, ive put in a new fuel pump and cant get it to pump, when i check the voltage at the connector i get 11v but as i start the bike the volts drop off
  2. General Discussion
    It just died while riding it. I pushed the starter button and nothing. So I pushed it home and took a look. I can push the starter button and it will do nothing but turn out the head light and dim the idiots lights on the handlebars. I can jump the solenoid and it will turn over but not start. I...
  3. Honda Interceptor / VFR
    Hey what up guys I'm building a project and I thought I would post here. I don't really know where to post and you'll see why in a minute. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Anyway, I'm building a reverse trike. Not like the can-ams like a t-rex. I'm building it with an 85 vf700. I 'm going to...
1-3 of 3 Results