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  1. Honda Interceptor / VFR
    Hey guys been thinking of getting one of those complete body kits for my vfr as I've now got bike mechanically sorted, and now want to tidy her up with a new set of clothes. Anyone have any experience of these kits and which make is the best quality? Cheers peeps
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! For reasons that remain a mystery to everyone but me, I'm planning on putting an SC28 or an SC33 swingarm onto my VFR if I can manage it. Unfortunately, there's one minor problem: after days of searching I can't find the swingarm pivot width for either one. Would someone out there...
  3. Honda Interceptor / VFR
    Hey all, I have the chance to buy a buddy of mines motorcycle. As you could of guessed, it is a Honda VFR 500, this bike is in pretty good shape, actually has kinda been passed down among my friends as their first motorcycles. I have a couple questions about this, because being a college...
  4. Introductions
    Well, currently I'm condemned to my 9th floor apartment and off of the streets due to some flooding, so why not make an account and introduce myself! The bike is a 1998 Honda CBR919RR with a few mods. CBR1000RR front end Renthal Bars MT-03 Headlight tucked and raised Yoshimura RS3 carbon...
  5. Motorcycles For Sale
    I bought this bike feb 2010. It was I need of some major tlc. I resprayed it had new decals made and had the engine checked buy a qualified Honda technician (handy having friends like that) I converted it to suit me ,as I've only got one arm, and have just bought a 954 blade. I'm changing it...
  6. For Sale
    Like new. Chrome SS 2002+ Honda VFR Interceptor FI/ABS Laser Lazer quad-tip exhaust. It is cat-back and made of chrome shined stainless steel all the way back. It is in beautiful condition and has less than 1,000 miles on it. It includes the silncers if you choose to have a stealth-sounding...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey I was just wondering if the Honda vfr400 nc24 (1987) came with a limiter on it? If it did, how would you remove it and what will it do for performance? Also what minor things can you do in order to enhance performance? :cool:
  8. Honda Interceptor / VFR
    Just bought and tore apart my 1990 vfr 750 only to find some gummed up carbs. Where do I order / find a rebuild kit? I need an inexpensive starter motor as well, it's working intermittantly. I'm new to this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Misc

    My HRC prepped NC30...Blueprinted, back cut tranny, HRC CDI, Ethos(HRC) full exhaust system, HRC Airbox and plenum chamber setup, Endurance plastics with 60w halogen funder lamp. 72rwhp
  10. my old vfr

    now my track bike and we beat everyone on the bends
  11. The VFR

    This was the pic that I used on Ebay.
  12. My former stead

    This is my old 1990 VFR750F.
  13. Deals Gap 2003 - 1

    '00 VFR
  14. VFR Gap

    Me at the Gap on my VFR
1-15 of 15 Results