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  1. Wanted... 954 headlight

    Looking for a headlight for a 954 in new condition, let me know what you have
  2. Haas servo eliminator.. Wtb

    Any sell or know where I can find an htev eliminator??
  3. Parts needed***954

    Looking for devil exhaust.. Really looking for a hass eliminator.. If anyone has one for sale.. Steering dampner.. Paypal ready
  4. 97 RRV - Standard Screen Wanted

    Honda FireBlade
    I recently bought a '97 RRV with a cracked screen, so I bought a new Airblade Double Bubble Screen to replace it, however.. as I am a short ar*e rider I find that the airflow over the standard screen is better for me than the double bubble screen. I have since read other people say the same...
  5. 1999 FireBlade 918cc model

    Honda FireBlade
    I can get more specs for which model my bike is but figured title headline was efficient for the moment. I got as the title says, a 99 Fire Blade 918cc model; shes plenty fast brand new oil change, ( Full Synthetic Oil Change Switch Over ) Brand New Compressed Seal O Ring Chain and Front and...
  6. Wanted: 2004-2007 1000RR full fairings and tank

    hey guys Im new to the forum. I recently bought a wrecked 2004 1000RR as a project. Engine was regularly serviced w/ 12k miles.Got it for 800 bucks. It runs great, very strong after 6k rpm's. But it needs full cosmetic surgery. If anybody has spare fairings for decent price it would be greatly...
  7. 954 pillion seat wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking to get my habds on a secondhand pillion seat pad for my 954 (03 model). I'm based in Ireland - Co Meath to be exact - Just chancing my arm here but if anyone has one for sale in Ireland or the UK please let me know. ;) S!
  8. need 2008 graffiti plastics

    Honda CBR 600
    Ok guys so i was riding lastnight at 10:00 and a car pulled out in front of me and caused me to lose control of my bike and lay it down, the car must have knowin something happend because they took off like a bat outta hell. Im alright besides me knee being screwed up and my bike is good except...
  9. WTB: 954rr Upper Fairing(Silver or Titanium), Headlight, Mirrors, Windshield

    Need these parts for a 954rr.... Upper Fairing(Silver or Titanium) Headlight Mirrors Windshield