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  1. Wanted
    I need a rear brake pedal for my 929 mine broke, bar ends for it (black), an after market slip-on exhaust, and also a black windscreen. I would like to fix these things while I am getting it painted. I need to get them cheap as possible if you have any send me the information with a picture if...
  2. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hi to all - and as always thanks for considering .... I was out on my first real trip on my "new to me" 2000 929 and I noticed at speeds above 95mph the windscreen started to dance. this was pretty nerve racking to say the least. I also dont spend everyweekend down at the track or canyon...
  3. For Sale
    Light smoke Givi windscreen from 2001 929RR. It shows signs of normal wear and tear, but is still quite sturdy. $10 + $10 S & H
  4. Wanted
    WTB: a black Chrome windscreen for my fiances '02 954... not sure if any company has made it in this color for this model but if it exists please any leads or information would be helpful. Also looking for any other cool aftermarket parts.. carbon fiber, rearsets, and little trick parts if...
  5. Wanted
    I'm looking for 2 parts for my 01 929. - A clear windscreen. I have a solid back one right now that I can not stand. - A handlebar end weight. One of mine fell of while riding. If anyone has one please PM me with price and pictures if you can. Thanks.
  6. General Discussion
    Couldn't find a specific forum for this. Apologies if I've overlooked one. I have a 1985 nighthawk 700SC. I just got a custom windscreen to replace the teensy one that comes on the fairing and funnels all the wind against my chest. 1. Does anyone know how to remove the original windscreen...
  7. Honda CBR 600
    I found a windscreen from a 95 f3, just wondering if it will fit my 94 F2? Thanks
  8. Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys i was wondering if an f3 windscreen would fit my 94 f2? Thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results