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  1. 2008 1000RR battery pole confusion

    General Discussion
    Today I went to replace my 2008 1000RR's original battery (at 42k miles) with a WPS Featherlight. Two things jumped out at me - first, this new battery puts out about 3ah to my old battery's 10 which makes me wonder if it's sufficient. Second, and more importantly, the battery terminals on the...
  2. CBR954RR Rebuild - Wiring Harness

    Hey there all! I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my 954, and I'm having a bit of trouble with the main wiring harness installation. Mainly the rear tail section harness including the battery area. If anyone has any clear photos of the rear end wiring routing I would greatly appreciate...
  3. Honda CBR600RR 2010 Uk Front indicators running light problem

    I've recently purchased the TST Industries Halo-1 front indicators. As my CBR is a UK model and I'm replacing the OEM indicators the pins don't match up. Bike-2 pin adapter, Halo-1 indicators-3 pin. I've managed to connect the regular indicators and work perfectly. The problem I'm having is...
  4. Need help rewiring a 900 streetfighter

    Hiya folks, ive bought a new "topyokes" yoke, risers, bars, and headlight for my recently demolished 900 RR, i'm just wondering what to do with all f--cking wiring. I'll obviously need to cut, re-route, and extend certain parts but i'm a little nervous about making a fist of it. i know that its...
  5. UFO Light Kit

    Has anyone heard of the HighTechSpeed UFO Lighting Kit? If so I would love some info on how it works, maybe a wiring diagram, how bright on they and so forth? I have a 2001 Honda CBR 929rr and this would be for the tail light. Thank you.
  6. Headlight issues help!!

    Honda CBR 600
    I have installed a HID kit in my 01 F4i (please don't go off with your opinions on HIDs, can't see well at night and dont care if cagers are blinded briefly). So before I installed my HIDs my headlights would dim at low RPM and get brighter at higher RPMs. After installation this issue has been...
  7. WIRING--Blowing 10A IND/SPEED fuse HELP???

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, New to this site. Found it while searching for my wiring problem. On my 2004 CBR1000RR my Speedometer/gauges stopped working. The weird part is my bright light signal and turn signal notification still work on the gauge cluster still works. Took the left fairing off to look at the fuse box...
  8. Wiring Genius Required!! RC51 SP1 harness help

    Honda RC51
    I'm building a sp1 hillclimber. Bought a torn out engine and harness (half harnessby the time I looked it over) and started wiring it up. Went through and jumped all the safety trickery / kill switch / ignition and she no sparky. The only unusual thing I'm gettin is the bank angle solinoid won't...
  9. Wiring Harness Value?

    General Discussion
    How much can I sell a Main Wiring Harness in really good condition for?? For a 2002 CBR954rr
  10. CBR 929 34"x24" Laminated Wiring Schematic

    For Sale
    I have an enlarged wiring schematic that I made when working on a project for my old bike. Sold the bike but still have the schematic if anyone is interested. It is for a CBR 929 and it is 34"x24" and laminated. PM me if interested.
  11. 99 CBR 900 RR-X, ignition switch problem

    Hi all! I have a problem related to my ignition switch. The key is getting worn and difficult to turn sometimes, so I was thinking about replacing it with a simple on/off switch hidden somewhere inside the fairing. The problem is that according to the wiring diagram there are 4 wires going into...

    General Discussion
    Picked up a headlight off of a Triumph Speed 4 and am in the process of installing it on my CBR 600F4i (2006). I'll admit that I haven't really had a chance to look at the wiring or even try to figure it out, so I'm hoping it will be an easy switch, though I'm not expecting it to be. Anybody...
  13. Electrical wiring connectors

    Honda FireBlade
    Can someone help me identify what this connector is on my friends wiring harness. As you can clearly see it has been burnt and we are wanting to replace it but we have no clue what it is:idunno:. This is off of a 2003 CBR 954RR this connector is located directly under the seat and close to the 2...
  14. '02 RC 51 Wiring Nightmare

    Honda RC51
    I have read at least a hundred threads trying to fix the problem with my RC, but have had no luck. I decided to join this forum because I find that the replies to the threads are very helpful and usually pretty quick. So thank you all for your help! Here's the issue: I turn the key and nothing...
  15. I'm not sure what to do- stupid light on now

    General Discussion
    HELP!!! I have a 2000 929 and I am not sure if I screwed up or not?!? frustrating! Ok so I wanted to add a 12V cigarette style power adaptor to my bike for GPS / Radar detector/ phone etc…I wanted it to operate off of switched power I wired old one off directly off the battery with a...
  16. Flush turning signals

    General Discussion
    Wanting people's opinion on this: I have LED flush turning signals but I need to fill the factory turn signal ports. I'm considering cutting the turn signal below the bulbs to match the depth of the fairing-to-signalmountbolt and then fuse/solder, the flush turning signals in. Also, I see the...
  17. Greetings fellow riders!

    Thanks for having me. Longtime rider new to this forum. Purchased a 2002/03 954 from a friend, and needless to say, the entire thing is in pieces. Engine is complete, but everything else... Pics. coming soon. My friend bought the entire bike off of ebay looking through and exploded diagram...
  18. Nooby Forum user with a problem

    Hi All, I have been a member for some time but have never really taken the time to introduce myself. Steve is my name and I have a 1996 CBR900RR that has had an easy time compared to some I know! One owner, for five years, 14000miles....from new then....small crash, streetfightered and then...
  19. Hooking up siren to horn

    Although I have a Two Bros pipe on my bike, I still have had some close encounters on the freeway. The stock horn just doesn't do it when you need to be noticed. I normally just hit it and take off when I feel I am in a sticky situation but there are always those times when that isn't an option...
  20. 06 1000rr electrical problems ? i think

    Honda FireBlade
    i was riding down the street and was going about 130 then left off for a bit dropped down to about 75 and after a few seconds the red light on the display came on along with the hesd and the FI symbols on the display then they went away about 5 minutes later it happened again except i had no...