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won't start

  1. 2003 f4i died while riding, won't start

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys I posted an earlier thread about my f4i (35k miles) cutting out while riding that was a reoccurring problem. It's gotten worse as I have been riding it daily, it stated cutting out on me bad while riding and at one point before I pulled over I couldn't accelerate over 3k rpms. When I...
  2. CBR 929 RR Won't Start

    General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2001 CBR 929 RR that the ignition key was left on for 20 minutes w/o the bike running and now it won't start; gets fuel but no spark. I've replaced ECM and bank angle switch and checked the wire connections and fuses. Any idea what else could be causing this?
  3. 900rr FUEL PUMP-HELP!!!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    I need some help/advice on why my 95' 900rr won't start.. It started a couple weeks ago just fine. Then I changed the Plugs, oil, cleaned the carbs, and changed the battery because I had to push start it till I got a new one. It cranks over just won't start. I don't think it's getting any fuel...
  4. '02 RC 51 Wiring Nightmare

    Honda RC51
    I have read at least a hundred threads trying to fix the problem with my RC, but have had no luck. I decided to join this forum because I find that the replies to the threads are very helpful and usually pretty quick. So thank you all for your help! Here's the issue: I turn the key and nothing...
  5. MAJOR HELP!.... CBR929 won't start :/

    Honda FireBlade
    Ok, I have A 01' CBR929RR that won't start with a new fully charged batter! I have replaced the battery and the R/R... I thought the R/R was the issue because the connection from the R/R to the wire harness was melted... I can push start the bike and it will run forever... When I put the fully...
  6. HELP- 600 f4i stalls then won't restart

    Honda CBR 600
    I replaced my battery last year, had the battery on a trickle charger over the winter, started up and rode the other day. Stopped to get gas and barely started back up, got down the road and stopped again, wouldn't restart, the fuel pump primed but just made a rapid clicking sound, wouldn't turn...
  7. 2001 F4i, no fuel pump, lights, brakes, brights, etc

    Honda CBR 600
    I recently bought this bike, drove it about 500 miles fine, then moved to ATL, was a 300 mile trip, but last 50 the bike acted bogged down. Took it to a shop when I finally got here to get diagnosed. They said fuel pump was fried possibly because of wiring issues. It was too much for them to...