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The Honduras are under a military coup which overthrew the current prime minister elected 3 years ago, disrupted a referendum election, kidnapped the PM and sent him to Costa Rica and the appointed leader now has mandated a curfew since last night. This organization has published a call for solidarity to the people of Honduras who are on the street trying to reinstate democracy and rejection of this coup worldwide. My best translation from Spanish is not that great but you get the message.
Interesting how the US ambassador was alerted to the fact before it happened and had time to inform and alert heads of international banks and corporations to flee the country, but I guess forgot to alert the prime minister of what was going to happen to him.
From: Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras - COPINH

The Honduran people and the capital city is under a military coup (coup d'etat). We call for solidarity the International and the social movements of the world to denounce and to press to avoid bloodshed. Civic advice of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras COPINH COUP D'ETAT IN HONDURAS HAS PREPARED AN URGENT OFFICIAL NOTICE
Before the national and international community, the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, COPINH, denounces those intentionally perpetrated a coup during the night of the 24th of June of 2009 against the constitutional government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales, his administration, and his very important aspirations.
This act is a desperate reaction of the right and its allies to restrain the people who look for democratic routes for the national transformation. The reactionary right has looked frenetically to stop the National Survey that was to be realised this 28th of June and where the Honduran society was to be asked to support an agreement that settles one Fourth Ballot box in the general elections of November to summon a Constituent National Assembly that would elaborate a new constitution. This offensive coup participant has been planned and executed in an articulated way between the fascist National Congress, mass media and their owners.
The Public Ministry, the most powerful industrialists of the country and the Armed Forces, that have come acting in frank disrespect to the decisions of the executive authority. We denounced that the army has assumed a role similar to the one of a past era, when served as instrument of destabilization and repression. To this campaign, that ends at an out of proportion act of aggression against the Honduran people, some sectors of the hierarchies of the evangelical and catholic churches have been united, that have encouraged and justified the connotation facts of the coup participants. Also we denounced the interference and participation of the government of the USA and his ambassador in Honduras who was alerted beforehand of the facts and has left the country, while calling the managers of the VM, the IMF and other institutions of the North American government, to leave the country, and so they demonstrate to his conspiracy with the participants of the coup.
We call in general the bases of the COPINH and the Honduran organized and not organized people, to mobilize themselves from their communities, village or city, especially of Tegucigalpa, to express their rejection and indignation. We call not to let themselves be intimidated by the terrorist campaign triggered against the will and expression of the people and their right to conceive and to hope of a new country, with justice and fairness. We call to the international community to pronounce themselves decidedly against this aggression to the Honduran town and to express its solidarity and support so that the human rights of the Honduran town do not force. We call to intensify the organized fight to install the Popular and Democratic Assembly National Constituent, now, at this moment historical of our mother country.
Finally, the COPINH, recognizes the Constitutional President of the Republic, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, while we reject any “substitute” imposed by the factual and imperialistic powers. With the ancestral force of Iselaca, Lempira and Etempica rise our voices of life, justice, dignity, freedom and peace.

Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras - COPINH

To send e-mail: [email protected]

homepage:: COPINH

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Here are some clips of how "Media" can use every chance they get to pass through propaganda and misinforming readers about what goes on in the world. In similar fashion every news story we get from media that is financed by big corporations is biased.

The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of Pillage of a Continent, by Eduardo Galeano of Uruguay

Honduras leader firm against world pressure
Honduras leader firm against world pressure - Yahoo! News
By Mica Rosenberg Mica Rosenberg – Sat Aug 1, 8:14 am ET

"Critics accused him of pushing for presidential re-election to extend his mandate, following the lead of Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez. He had angered business and religious leaders by his close ties with Chavez.

Micheletti had tried in the past to run for president but lost his party's internal elections. Wearing a Catholic rosary ring, he regularly invokes God and recently called for a national day of prayer."

"The country's interim leaders, the military and businesses that supported the coup believe Venezuela's Chavez was a menace trying to spread his firebrand version of socialism across Latin America. They accuse him of pulling the strings behind Zelaya's government, using his regional influence and oil money.

"I feel like we have a huge responsibility. We want to continue with the dialogue, we want to continue to seek peace and tranquility in our country, but we do not accept intervention by anybody, especially not from the Communists of the 21st century," Micheletti said. "

Carolina Coast Online :: Portal to the News-Times, Arts Alive, This Week Magazine, Topsail Voice, Tideland News > Archives > News-times > Editorial > A terrible signal

A terrible signal
Published: Sunday, July 5, 2009 2:05 AM EDT

“Every night three or four Venezuelan registered planes land without the permission of appropriate authorities and bring thousands of pounds and packages of money that are the fruit of dug trafficking,” said Honduran Foreign Minister Enrique Ortez to CNN En Espanol last week. “We have proof of this. Neighboring governments have it. The DEA has it.”

If Ortiz is right, said an Investor’s Business Daily, “the U.S. effort to restore Zelaya to power would be suicidal for U.S. efforts to destroy drug organizations south of our border… undercutting Mexico’s and Colombia’s savage drug wars ….”

"Inspired by meeting President Barack Obama at the Americas Summit in Trinidad and Tobago in April, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told CNSNews Venezuelan socialism was reaching the United States under Mr. Obama.

It certainly does."

"Using his false democratic legitimacy, attained by deception and fraud to mount the world stage, encourage revolution in democratic countries and otherwise undermine democratic nations, Mr. Chavez made numerous visits to Fidel Castro in Cuba and Vladimir Putin in Russia, inviting the Russian navy and air force to use Venezuelan waters for maneuvers, which they did."

"Last Tuesday, at a news conference sponsored by the leftist governments of Messrs. Obama and Chavez at the United Nations with United Nations President Miguel D’Escoto, a communist priest who received the Lenin Peace Prize from the old Soviet Union, a resolution was adopted to return deposed Honduran President Manual Zelaya to power. “The United States has changed a great deal,” said Mr. Zelaya. “I have listened to President Obama. It is not only that he condemns the events, but he has demanded the restoration of the president,” referring to himself."

"“On this point, Zelaya was correct,” said Cliff Kincaid on Canada Free Press. “The United States has certainly changed under Obama. When Ronald Reagan was president, the United States assisted pro-freedom forces and endeavored to keep the communists out of Central America. Now the United States intervenes on behalf of the communists and their allies, using the U.N. as cover.”"

"The irony is this happening on the anniversary of America’s independence 233 years ago. What sacrilege."

Obama’s Kerenskyism, Honduras and the Chavist Abyss
Obama’s Kerenskyism, Honduras and the Chavist Abyss
By Armando Valladares | July 30, 2009

"It is the same secretary Clinton that in Honduras, at the recent OAS meeting, approved the acquittal of the bloody Castro dictatorship; the very secretary of state that, along with president Obama, is open for a dialog with the pro-terrorist Iranian government; opens her arms to the Cuban communists; meets and smiles with dictator-president Chávez; and shuts the door to the civil Honduran delegation"

Accuracy in Media (AIM), America’s original and most respected media watchdog, has uncovered Obama’s secret political life and agenda. You won’t read about any of this in the mainstream media. They are more interested in tracking down rumors about Senator McCain’s sex life. Did you know that…

* Senator Obama sponsored a bill that purports to fight “global poverty” but actually lays the groundwork for a U.N. global tax on America?
* Obama’s childhood mentor was a member of the Communist Party USA and filled Obama’s head with anti-American thoughts?
* Obama’s political career was boosted by Chicago-based Marxists and that he sat on a foundation board with a terrorist?

The media are portraying Obama as an agent of change. But what kind of change?
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