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I have had a problem with the rectifier on my own Fireblade 919cc ( CBR900RRT ), and I had to do a load of reading and searching to get to a method of testing that I could record and post.

I bought a new one, on the strength of a mate who really knows his bikes, telling me that it was a known issue on the honda's and pretty common, and I'm pretty fortunate that I had the money available to get one.

Before fitting, I used my $12 multimeter to test the new one, using the diode test function. Looking into the unit, with the 3 contacts across the top, and 2 at the bottom, I put the red probe on the bottom right, and touched the black probe to the top three in turn.

On the new unit, the values were all 535. On the broken one, the left top and middle top contact registered 030, and only the top right showed 535. I deduced from that 2 of my diodes in the unit were buggered.

With the broken one on the bike, with the engine idling, it was showing 12.2V and falling! with the new one fitted, it was showing 13.7V at idle.

Here's a video of me testing the broken one:
YouTube - How I tested my Voltage rectifier from my Fireblade.
I hope that helps :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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