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'03 954RR

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Time for me to move on men. 4 kids and a brand new Granddaughter means I need to slow it down a notch.

For those of you looking for a great deal on a nicely done 954 here it is. I set the reserve at $5000. Lemme know if you're interested and I'll make Fireblader members a better deal.

Honda : CBR : eBay Motors (item 150406068750 end time Jan-23-10 20:45:40 PST)

Thanks for everything guys! Great bunch of fellas here.

I'll be back!
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I hope you won't be insulted by my saying this, as I am truly trying to be helpful, and am not in the market at all. You have a used bike with significant damage and cosmetic issues. There are plenty of bikes out there with neither. I suspect your lack of activity is due to overpricing (your bike would priced right for an undamaged bike in my local market, for instance). I don't understand why you want to sell anyway. You have a bike you know and like into which you put a lot of effort. Its paid for, uses little gas, and since you're an old fart like me insurance should be cheap (let the kiddies pay out the nose). If you want to ride slow keep off the throttle, the bike won't care.
You don't commute? You don't drive anywhere? During warm weather I barely drive the cage, I'm all over the bike. Besides, you're old and want to slow down, so you dump cash into a Camaro?

Anyway, good luck on your sale.
Thanks for reminding me I'm old....lmao.

I'm only 35 man. :)

I hardly commute, people don't look our for bikers here AT ALL. Everyday I ride its a near battle it seems.
You're a grandfather at 35? Damn, you guys start young out that way! Hey, you're the one who got started on this old business; par as I'm concerned you're a kiddie too.

The cages everywhere are out to kill us, that's why riding sportbikes is the smart thing to do. Can't get out of the way in a car or a slow bike. A sport bike can do it, though, so long as you're up to the challenge. For what its worth I just saw a pristine 929 advertised locally for under $4K. Again, good luck.
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