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04-07 parts [ecu, harness, forks, etc] HUGE PART OUT

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So I owned an 04 CBR 1000RR, and was going to do an 06/07 conversion. Turns out, that for the same price(maybe even less), I could just own a REAL 06/07. I have since, bought an 06 and am cleaning out garage space.

ONTO THE GOODIES!!!:thumbsup:

Most of these parts are off of a 2007 and can be used for 04-07
Here's what I've got:

$70____airbox w/ & injectors
$20____overflow bottle
$160___front calipers w/ MC, res, and lines
$110___rear caliper w/ MC, res, and lines
$150___left and right clip ons (with throttle cables, grips and bar ends)
$30____headlight switch
$30____starter switch
$50____rear shock
$100___clutch master, with slave still connected
$300___front forks with bottom triple AND spacers to converter 04/05 calipers to fit 06/07 rotors
$40____front sprocket cover (06/07 are black, whereas 04/05 aren't... can be used for nicky mod)
$25____stock tail light (Will fit 04-07 1000rr. 03-06 600rr, and even 07-08 600rr with a some modification) SOLD

SHIPPING:included in price

If you want a part, post up on here. Priority will go in the order of the post. If interest is shown, I will hold onto the part for 24-hours while I wait for paypal. After that, the next person will have priority and the previous person will get cycled to the end of the list


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